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Can Social Media Play a Role in a Car Accident Claim in Michigan?

The ubiquitous use of social media in the modern era creates situations where your activity on these platforms can also play a role in legal proceedings. The information you place on these platforms is often public and open to any who wishes to see it. When it comes to something like an accident claim, your social media posts may very well contribute to the outcome of that claim. Here is a look at how social media can play a role in a car accident claim in Michigan.

Social Media Creates a Digital Footprint

Consider all that a social media post can reveal.

A Timeline of Events

A social media post can show what occurred before or after an accident. The post can reveal what someone was doing at a specific time, what was on their mind, or other information that might become relevant when establishing the timeline of an accident for a claim.

Inconsistencies in Statements

You may say one thing, but your social media posts may say something wildly different when it comes to a claim. If someone says they suffer from certain types of injuries, but social media posts show them going about their routine as if those injuries don’t exist, then it can lessen the veracity of a claim.

Contradictions to Credibility

It’s easy to say one thing and then have a series of social media posts completely contradict those things. A claim can suffer greatly because of such hits to someone’s credibility. This is especially true if the social media posts directly contradict the impacts someone claims from an accident.

Social Media Isn’t Always as Private as You Think

Many social media platforms have privacy settings that allow you to adjust who can view your posts and other measures to protect your privacy. However, those settings aren’t always clear about how they work. You can still have information and posts that are clearly visible to others. In addition, nothing is stopping a direct request for information from a social media service.

Nevertheless, the importance of your social media privacy may not seem like much of a concern until after an accident.

Social Media Concerns after an Accident

After an accident, and especially after your claim, it’s a good idea to mitigate your social media usage. You don’t have to go fully offline, but that’s usually the best option. Still, if you want to continue using social media during this period, here are some ways to do it while protecting your claim.

  • Do not discuss the accident, your injuries, or any legal proceedings.
  • Take extra time to deal with your social media privacy settings.
  • Think before you post anything that can even tangentially relate to your accident.
  • Try to dissuade others who may know about your accident from posting anything about it.

Michigan allows social media evidence in legal proceedings. That fact is something to keep in mind regardless of the situation. If you have any doubts, consult a car accident attorney in Michigan before posting anything. You should also speak to a car accident attorney about advice for best practices using social media in your case.

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