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How To Download TikTok Videos for Free

Have you seen a video on TikTok that you want to save but are unsure how to accomplish it?

We’ll explain how to download any TikTok video in this blog article.

It’s easy to download videos from TikTok. In contrast to some other social media sites, TikTok has an integrated function that allows you to easily access producers’ videos in a few simple steps. To download videos, you don’t even need a TikTok account. Simply download and install the app, then adhere to the guidelines provided below.

How to Download Any TikTok Video on Android and iOS

There are two kinds of TikTok videos:

  • Freely downloadable public videos that are accessible.
  • TikTok does not allow direct downloads of user-generated private or protected videos. Rather, we’ll walk you through the process of downloading them using a third-party program.

How to Download Freely Available TikTok Videos

There are two methods for downloading freely downloadable TikTok videos that are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This is the first approach:

Step 1: Look for the video you want to download first.

Step 2: To see the video, tap on it

Step 3: Press and hold your finger on the screen while the video is playing. Then, TikTok will provide you with three choices.

Step 4: Select “Save Video” by tapping on it. The next step will ask you to choose where you wish to store the video based on your phone and operating system.

Step 5: Usually, your phone will give you the choice to email or store the video on your device immediately. Emailing the video to yourself might serve as a workaround if you are unable to save it to your phone immediately.

To use the second approach, locate your video and hit the Share icon.

Step 6: Your phone will display a pop-up with a number of alternatives. Depending on the settings on your phone and operating system, when you tap the “Save Video” button, your video will download to either your Downloads or Video folder.

How to Download Protected Videos

The TikTok app does not allow you to download protected videos since the authors have disabled that capability for those particular videos.

You may still view and store protected films on your phone, however.

Downloading Protected Videos on Android

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and type in “Video Downloader for TikTok.”

You have a few choices. Install the app on your phone after selecting the one you feel comfortable with. In this article, we’ll use “Downloader for TikTok” as an example.

Now, go to the video in the TikTok app that you want to download, then click the Share option. Swipe left on the sharing choices until you see the “Copy Link” button. To copy the URL, tap on it.

After that, use the TikTok Downloader app and enter the copied URL. Click the Download button after that. To store the video on your phone, the app will download it.

Downloading Protected Videos on iOS

First, download Total Files, a cloud file manager that provides the necessary tools to save the video file, in order to begin downloading a protected TikTok video.

Locate the TikTok video you want to download after installing a third-party app.

On the video, hit the Share icon. Next, tap the Copy Link button.

Open your browser now, then go to the app. Copy the link, paste it into the URL bar, and go to the website.

Activate full-screen mode on the video. Give the screen a touch while it’s playing. A download option for the video will appear. To begin the download, tap the checkbox.

Lastly, choose the File icon. The Local section will include the video that you downloaded.

And that’s it! The TikTok video has been successfully downloaded.

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