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Covid-19: Scientists are on high alert since the Omicron intrinsic BA.2 cases are increasing rapidly

Although rapid increases in Covid cases have already reached a peak in some countries, the highly transmissible. The Severe acute respiratory virus has an Omicron variant (recently discovered  type of which is known as BA.1) currently accounts for nearly all coronavirus infections worldwide Scientists are now detecting an increase in instances caused by BA.2, a […]

The freedom to say no

This person could fly or he must have flown once. In any case, his arms are still outstretched like clipped wings, his feet hover above the ground, but the sky, so often gray now, weighs on him. And his entire larger-than-life body, completely deindividuated, is covered in some kind of armor, restraints, rings that not […]

Punk and Chocolate | free press

The punk police investigate, the rock regulatory office checks the musical paragraphs and Herbert Grönemeyer changes the text of an old song: “When is a band a band?” What happened? A band has a new singer and the internet goes crazy. Well, in the current case it’s Slime, one of the oldest and most legendary […]