10 Best Korean Romantic Movies And Shows That Will Make You Fall In Love

K-drama and movies are sweeping the entertainment industry, thanks to their unique stories and characters. There are numerous amazing watches for the audience to binge-watch. Knowing that many people have a hard time finding the best Korean romantic movies and shows, we have compiled a perfect list in that case.

A large number of people has reviewed these, and they have all ranked them as one of the best of all time. These movies will take audiences on an emotional roller coaster, ranging from extremely romantic to sentimental. Now, what’s the fun without that, right? Let’s jump right into it.

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10 Korean Romantic Movies & Shows That Are A Must-See

Here’s the rundown of these amazing movies and shows. They have their own narrative and set of characters that make it more engaging for the spectators. 

1. Beauty Inside

When it comes to the incredible Korean series, Beauty Inside is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. This love story will make the spectators go ‘aww’. And the characters? They are beyond amazing. There is only one season of this fantasy series. A short but remarkable watch.

Beauty Inside revolves around a fabulous actress and an airline director. They are confined to their own unusual circumstances. The guy has prosopagnosia, and the girl transforms into someone else for a week every month. That is definitely an uncommon event and something we don’t see every day. The content of this rom-com fantasy is soft and appealing to audiences.

2. Sweet & Sour

Next, we have this incredible Korean romantic movie Sweet & Sour. In this series, a couple tries to deal with their daily challenges while also making their long-distance relationship work. Many people are skeptical of long-distance relationships and find them challenging. But true ones always make it work because another person is more significant. Sweet & Sour provides viewers with a wide range of emotions.

That ranges from hilarious to emotionally charged. There are even concrete life lessons, in addition to a good laugh for the audience. Sweet & Sour is a simple concept, but the storyline and the characters elevate it to a masterpiece.

Sweet & Sour

3. 20th Century Girl

The movie 20th Century Girl is a melodrama about a teenage girl who has her sights set on a boy for her lovestruck best friend. We’ve all heard stories like this before. The girl develops feelings for the guy. What about her best friend?

Things become complicated at this point, and she must choose between love and friendship. This movie may be both heartwarming and heartbreaking for spectators. It shows the significance and depth of friendship and relationship. The plot line is both beautiful and brilliantly delivered by the characters.

20th Century Girl

4. Be With You

Be With You is an incredible romance fantasy movie. A woman dies, leaving behind her husband and son. But things change in this family’s life when she emerges in the rain with no memories. They are finally happy in their life.

But things become more challenging when she has to return when the rainy season comes to an end. This story will give the audience chills. Be With You is a heartfelt story told in an interesting and captivating manner that captures the past, future, and delightful glimpses of falling in love.

Be With You

5. Love & Leashes

The narrative of Love and Leashes takes a new look at relationships. According to spectators, the characters’ stories are somewhat profound, which makes the movie more engaging for them. Love & Leashes’ writing is also amazing in its own way. Netflix describes the series, “Love never hurt so good for two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners in consensual play, pleasure, and pain.”

Love & Leashes

6. The Classic

The Classic is a romantic movie about a girl named Son Ye-jin and an exploration she makes. Son Ye-jin discovers a diary containing a long-ago love triangle between her close ones. Her mother, his future father, and his best friend are all involved in the love triangle.

The best way to describe this movie is as a ‘classic’ for viewers to watch. Well, the melodrama is excellently written and played out by the characters. The Classic is a heartwarming movie that everyone should see.

The Classic

7. On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding Day is without a doubt one of the best Korean movies of all time. In this movie, a man receives a wedding invitation from his high school first love. The plot is both interesting and realistic. He finally realizes that he should not have let her love go after all these years.

The official synopsis of the movie reads, “A high school student develops a crush on a new transfer student but is soon separated from her — until their paths cross again years later.”

On Your Wedding Day

8. Tune In For Love

The synopsis of Tune In For Love reads, “A student and a reticent teen first meet at a bakery in the 1990s and try to find each other through the years, as fate keeps pulling them apart.” It is centred on the hardworking Mi Soo and the optimistic Hyun Woo. In the movie, the timing does not appear to be working for these two.

Tune In For Love is worth watching because it is about presence and faith. The characters face challenges, and the audience gets the feeling that no matter what happens, you should have a little patience and faith for a better ending.

Tune In For Love

9. Snow Is On The Sea/Snow In Sea Breeze

Snow Is On The Sea is a melodrama about significant life challenges. During her childhood, a young woman has been unwell, shy, and lonely, and she meets an aquarium employee. After being sick in her youth, finding someone is undoubtedly valuable to her. But when he proposes to her for marriage, they are in for a lot of challenges.

Snow Is On The Sea

10. The Handmaiden

Last but not least. The Handmaiden The Handmaiden is an exceptional romantic drama. A wealthy Japanese woman hires a handmaiden, unaware that he is a con artist out to defraud her of her fortune. The story is interesting for spectators because it is a love story between a noblewoman and her handmaiden who is attempting to trick her. The Handmaiden is splendidly written and performed by the crew. There will be many more revelations in the future for the two and the other characters. 

The Handmaiden


Looks like our rundown of the best Korean movies & shows came to its conclusion. You’re welcome to drop more suggestions in the comment section below. And stay tuned with us for more engaging content like this.

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