Two Exciting Blockbusters Worth Watching Repeatedly

Many movies have themes derived from reality. But they often exhibit different effects under the unique tension of film art. The two movies I want to recommend today are completely different. One is based on real-life air force themes, and the entire movie is grand and touching. The second film is based on a realistic Halloween theme, with a terrifying plot but also telling a thought-provoking story. Here is more introduction to these two amazing movies, and search for more on the 99reel website. It offers useful films information about various films, such as romance, crime, fantasy, and rapemovies.

1.Top gun(2018)
The English title of this film is “Top Gun,” which literally means top-level weapons, so someone once translated it as “such a big gun.” In fact, “Top Gun” is the name of the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program in the mouth of the US Navy. At that time, the United States sought assistance from the Central Intelligence Agency. Although the CIA had detailed information on Soviet MiG fighter jets, they were only allowed to read, not to remember, and could not copy them. 

Therefore, instructors could only rely solely on memory to record all the information on Soviet fighter jets. Later, the United States obtained the Soviet MiG-17 and Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 fighters through secret channels, and they immediately went to the secret base, where the MiG-21 fighters were studied for first-hand flight experience. Based on the actual knowledge gained from the flight of MiG fighter jets, their American F-4 “Ghost” fighter jets can simulate the flight of MiG fighter jets very realistically. Therefore, they used the F-4 “Ghost” fighter jets to play imaginary enemies according to the flight characteristics of MiG fighter jets and developed a set of very effective tactics against MiG fighter jets, which were then taught to students.

In April 1972, the United States resumed its bombing of North Vietnam. Compared with four years ago, the air combat results of the Naval Aviation of the United States were almost heaven and earth. In 1968, the air combat exchange ratio between the Naval Aviation of the United States and the Vietnam Air Force was 1:2, suddenly soaring to 1:13! This achievement even greatly exceeds that of air force pilots – you know, most of the training time of air force pilots is air combat, while Carrier-based aircraft pilots of Naval aviation also have a considerable part of training time for taking off and landing training on aircraft carriers. 

Moreover, all but two of the air combat achievements achieved by the US Navy were shot down by the “Top Gun” students! As a result, “Top Gun” became famous worldwide, and even the US Air Force came to learn. Based on the experience of “Top Gun,” the “Red Flag Military Exercise” was held. That’s why in 1986, the United States Navy used the well-known title “Top Gun” as the title for a conscription advertisement, and the Chinese translation of “High Aspiration” was also very appropriate. 

2. Halloween (2009)
It tells the story of a boy named Mike Miles, who was born with evil and hatred in his heart. On Halloween night when he was 10 years old, he used a baseball bat to hammer his sister’s boyfriend into flesh and mud one by one and then dismembered his sister to pieces. The police sent the mentally twisted boy to a nursing home for custody. There, a doctor named Samir Rumis was responsible for regulating him. Samir Rumis tried his best to approach the young man’s soul, trying to influence and change this crazy young man, but all his attempts failed. Mike Miles was a stubborn carrier of evil, devoid of human nature and reason, with only an increasingly strong body and an increasingly violent killing essence – Samir Rumis finally realized this, but it was already too late. After being imprisoned for 17 years, Mike Miles finally found a chance to escape his cramped prison. The long-suppressed revenge was finally released, and he couldn’t wait to return to Haddonfield to search for his only truly beloved sister, Lori. The movie shows the audience the complexity of humanity, and if you want to discover more film about humanity, you can see more discussion in some rapemovies and warmovies.

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