Who Hacked Ray Liotta’s Facebook Account 10 Months After His Death?

Ray Liotta, a renowned American actor known for his roles in movies like Goodfellas and Field of Dreams, passed away in May 2022 at the age of 67. However, his social media accounts have become the target of hackers.

In particular, Liotta’s Facebook account was hacked 10 months after his death, causing concern among his fans and followers. The incident raises questions about the security of the social media accounts of celebrities and the motives of hackers. Here’s what we know about the hacker.

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Ray Liotta’s Facebook Account Hacked

According to reports, Ray Liotta’s Facebook account was hacked in March 2023. The hacker gained access to his account and started posting inappropriate content. The posts contained links to adult websites and were sent to Ray Liotta’s friends and followers. The hacker also changed the profile picture and cover photo of the account to inappropriate images.

As Liotta’s Facebook page posted a number of questionable items, including false information and celebrity death hoaxes involving people like Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, several fans became skeptical of what was going on.

After speaking with Facebook, the late actor’s management team declared that the problem had been fixed. The offensive material was then deleted, but shortly after, another post endorsing a pornographic scene appeared on the page and was also deleted.

Ray Liotta Death

Who Hacked Ray Liotta’s Facebook Account?

After the incident was reported, Facebook launched an investigation to find out who was behind the hack. The company was able to track down the hacker’s IP address, which led them to a location in Russia. However, the identity of the hacker remains unknown, and it is still unclear why they targeted Ray Liotta’s account.

Ray Liotta’s Death Is A Shock For The Fans

The Goodfellas star suddenly died in his sleep in May of last year while filming in the Dominican Republic for his next movie Dangerous Waters. When he passed away, he was 67 years old. The actor’s fiancée, Jacy Nittolo, revealed his passing with a touching statement. “The past two years have been nothing short of really fantastic in my life. I will always treasure the great affection that Ray and I share. We were inseparable, and we laughed every day,” she said.

“In the best manner possible, the chemistry was insane. He was everything to me, and we were insatiably devoted to one another. The actual love that one fantasizes about. He was the most attractive person I’ve ever met, both inside and out,” Nittolo continued.

Ray Liotta Death Cause

The Reaction Of Fans & Family On The Hacking Incident

Fans of Ray Liotta were shocked and saddened by the news of his account being hacked. Many took to social media to express their outrage and disgust at the hacker’s actions. Ray Liotta’s family has not yet commented on the incident. But it is obvious that they were deeply affected by this violation of their loved one’s memory.

Several admirers have vented their dissatisfaction on social media over the use of the late actor’s account to spread false information and hoaxes. Some Twitter users have now criticized the hacker and questioned their motives. “I wish the person who took control of Ray Liotta’s Facebook page would either leave or dissociate Ray Liotta from it and rename it. These posts seriously damage his memory. Because it is so jam-packed with garbage and rubbish. Ray wouldn’t like these at all!” one fan wrote.

What are your thoughts on this tragic incident? You are welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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