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It seems like there’s always something happening in the world of technology, and that includes the app storepocalypse. Just a few months ago, we were discussing the troubles that Apple was experiencing in the App Store. Now, it seems like Russia has had enough too. The Russian ios app store has suspended all new and existing apps from its store until further notice. What does this mean for you as an app developer? Well, for starters, it means you’ll have to work twice as hard to get your app noticed. And if you don’t make it into the Russian ios app store, chances are you won’t be seeing a lot of downloads either. Is this a sign of things to come for the rest of the App Store? We sure hope not. But nonetheless, it’s something to keep in mind as you develop your next app project.

What is the Russia ios app storeportersuspends?

According to RT, the Russia ios app storeportersuspends was due to the country’s restrictive rules on internet censorship. The app store stopped accepting new submissions from local developers in January, and existing apps have been removed from the store. RT reports that Apple and Google withdrew their services last month after repeatedly being refused access to official Russian apps stores. It comes as no surprise that Russia is one of several countries trying to clamp down on online freedom following protests against Vladimir Putin’s rule.

Apple has been banned in Russia

Apple has been banned in Russia after the company refused to hand over encryption keys to the Russian government. Apple’s refusal to comply with requests from the Russian government has lead to the ios app store being suspended in Russia. The store is currently unavailable for users in Russia, and it is not clear when or if it will be back up.

This situation follows a similar ban that was placed on Google earlier this year. In response to these bans, many app storeporters have decided to suspend their Russian operations altogether. This situation could become even more complicated as Apple has announced that they will be introducing new encryption measures in the future which will make it difficult for governments to access data.

What this means for app developers in Russia

The Russian ios app store, which had been one of the most popular in the region, has suspended its operations. This means that the majority of Russian app developers will not be able to submit their apps to the store and make them available for users to download. This is a big loss for developers who have been relying on the store to distribute their apps.

This suspension comes as a surprise to many app developers, as there had been no indications that it was in danger of closing down. The reason behind the suspension is still unknown, but it could potentially be due to disagreements between Apple and the store’s operators. It is possible that Apple has decided to pull support for the store, making it less important than other regional stores.

This news will have a big impact on Russian app developers, who will now need to find alternative ways of distributing their apps. Some may choose to self-publish their apps or partner with another store in order to continue selling them. It remains to be seen how this suspension will affect the Russian app market overall, as there are already plenty of other stores available for users to download apps from.


A Russian app storeportersuspends its operations after security incidents. According to the company, a hacker managed to penetrate its systems and steal user data.

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