What Can AI Do on Your Phone?

When you have acquired a phone like the p70 pro that has all the latest technology available in a smartphone, you would also get the power of artificial intelligence of AI. You will experience features that you will not find in other phones and in other brands. This is the reason why you should only partner with brands that implement the best research on their products. Here are the things that AI can help you with through your phone.

What Features Can You Expect from a Phone with AI Technology?

AI Control

One of the ways that artificial intelligence has really improved the use of smartphones nowadays is AI Control. If you have your HUAWEI p70 pro with you, you can actually control your smartphone without touching your device. This is because of the sensors that the phone has in front of the device so that it reads your gestures. You can swipe up and swipe down with your hand movement. You can even take screenshots on your phone without needing to touch it. It is now easy to do other work without holding your phone because of this AI feature on your device.

AI Smart Payment

Another feature of having AI assistance on your phone is your ability to make smart payments with your device. For the HUAWEI brand, this is called Intelligent Payment. With this feature, you can make payments quicker and safer by just pulling out your mobile device and scanning a code created on it. You can be sure that you can keep your money and your cards safe in your wallet without taking everything out.

AI Security Protection

AI security protection is a great implementation of AI on a phone. Because of having AI security on your device, you can now be sure that your personal data is well-protected. Nowadays, having security on your information is essential. By having protection on your phone, you can now go through your work and enjoy your life and not have to worry about the data saved on your device. It is best to get a phone that already has this safety protection feature in order to secure all your personal details on your smartphone.

AI Photo Retouching

A feature that you can also have fun with is AI Photo Retouching. With this feature on your phone, you can actually have enhanced images of photos that you took with your device and see great improvement in the color and details of the image. AI improves your snapshots to make appealing pieces of artwork with your device.

AI elimination

Another AI photo enhancement feature of phones is AI elimination. When you take a selfie with your device, you can actually remove all the clutter in the background by using AI elimination. This will make your images better and keep the focus on you. With AI elimination, you can adjust your photos so that your background is also crafted to your liking.


Because of these features of AI that you have with phones such as the HUAWEI p70 pro device, you can expect that your job with a lot easier. You can pay for items quicker, do some photo retouching better, and even keep all your information protected while you traverse your life. If you are looking for a smartphone right now, it is better to buy phones with the latest in innovation so that you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth on your smartphone.

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