The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Car: Tips and Tricks

It is the best time to buy a new car as we have multiple options in the Indian market. We have an unprecedented range of models available in the Indian market for new car owners. Before buying a car and opting for a financing plan, it’s time to read tips and factors for buying a car. First or second time, buying a car is an exhaustive and exhilarating experience. You need to check many aspects and compare all the available options in the market before finding the right vehicle. Read more to know the buy new car tips that can help you make an informed choice.

Identify the requirements

Once you are sure about purchasing a new car, it’s time to prepare your specific requirements. List down following requirements-

  • Budget
  • Expected usage
  • Fuel option
  • Must-have features
  • Seating capability

When you determine the specific capabilities and features of the desired car, buying a vehicle becomes a simple process. For example, if you are a small nuclear family, you would be looking at a hatchback or a sedan or sub-compact SUV.

Researching online

Once you have narrowed down the desired features, start researching online to determine your dream new car.

  • Search brand-specific for the cars that fits your requirements. Some brands like Mahindra & Mahindra are renowned for SUV while Hyundai offers models across segments.
  • List down 5-6 options per segment.
  • Apart from noting down the features, not down the various downsides to the vehicles.
  • Go through the first drive reports, user reviews, and expected total cost of ownership available online.
  • Check the safety ratings of the checklisted vehicles.

Calculating the on-road price

The next step is calculating the on-road price of the vehicle before moving to the purchase stage. The final cost of  new car buying includes-

  • Road tax payment
  • Insurance charges
  • Registration fees
  • Ex-showroom price
  • GST

Also, do note that this doesn’t reflect the true cost of the new car as there are maintenance costs to be taken into account. Higher the vehicle cost, higher would be the maintenance cost. So, don’t go over your budget while purchasing a new car.

Dealership visit

It’s good to read car buying tips but visiting a dealership is important too. You need to visit authorised dealerships for assessment of the desired model. Ask for a test drive to evaluate the driving experience, interior, and performance of the model. With a test drive, you would be in a better position to know if the car is suitable for your daily usage or not.

Few aspects to check at dealerships-

Engine performance

Brakes and suspension

Interior air-conditioning


Fuel efficiency

Discount and offers

During the festive period, dealerships and manufactures offers heavy discounts. During Diwali or Dusshera festive time, there are tons of discounts on various models. Also, there are dealerships offering discounts all-year around on selected models and brands. If you find the right model and dealership, you can ask for certain rebates or discounts on car accessories.

Financing option

Various dealerships and brands have tie-ups with financial institutions for financing a new car buy. You can apply for a car loan at the dealership but you can also check for any pre-approved loan facility.  A pre-approved loan offer would save you time and documentation for a hassle-free loan experience. Also, keep a shorter loan tenure of 3-5 years to lower your new car cost.

Insurance options

Car insurance is mandatory in India. When you buy a new car, you have to purchase a third-party car insurance plan to avoid traffic violations and fines. But for better coverage and financial security, opt for an optional comprehensive insurance plan.

Buy a new car online in India

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