PVP is one of the most interesting pieces of the whole game in any MMO RPG.

Players spend hours on farming and pumping, passing dungeons and getting the rarest artifacts with one goal – to be stronger and better than other players and win in PVP. Of course, not all players pursue combat as the goal of being in the game and prefer farming or social activities, but the ability to fight in PVP determines your right to farm on the best spot, be the first to enter the dungeon, or defeat the world boss by right of strength.

If you don’t have enough strength or equipment, you can always go to another spot and farm there to return later, or go to a special site to get Cheap and Fast WoW WotLK Gold from professional players, upgrade your equipment and return to fighting for the best farm zones.

A hunter with a shooting class is a classic archer with multiple improvements and differences, and we will talk about them and their role in PVP.

Build for a hunter of the Shooting class

The hunter can choose skills from three groups:

For the shooter, we focus on the second build related to shooting and active skills, and do not forget to pump up the survival tree in order to have important escapes and disguises. Survival also grants skills related to target control – stun, earth bind. It is important for an archer, as well as a magician, to keep the enemy at a distance, otherwise all the advantage of the class is lost nearby and the damage sags – the shooter begins to think more about fleeing than about dealing damage, or shoots at point-blank range for luck until the last arrow and the death of the enemy, or the archer himself.

Basic skills of a hunter of the shooting class

Viper Sting – Drains % of the target’s total mana and transfers it to the hunter. The skill is beneficial against any class. For a mage, this is the main attribute, for a warrior and a robber, in principle, there is not much mana, and the loss of even a part will affect the overall damage. The healer also depends on mana, but he will be able to remove this effect from himself.

Chimera Shot – Deals heavy damage and enhances the bite effect. Restores mana, deals increased damage based on the last debuff used.

Deadly Bite – Increases each negative effect by 30% in power and debuff strength.

Disorienting shot – deals damage and knocks down the selected target from the enemy, has a small radius of application and the shooter needs to reduce the distance by 50% to apply the skill. Often used against daggers, warriors and tanks.

Hold – Prolongs the effects of traps and holds the target in place for an additional period of time.

Eye of the hawk – significantly increases the radius for shooting for 6 minutes.

Disengage – You push off the ground and jump back to get rid of the pursuit, can only be used during combat.

Tactics in PvP against certain classes

Against melee classes

Since the shooter is the maximum class with priority in ranged combat – contact with the enemy for the archer is a matter of death and often quick, so you need to keep in mind a calm and cold-blooded tactic in which you calmly get out of contact combat, using special skills, which are not few.

Most importantly – do not run to meet the enemy, but rather do everything to increase the distance. The archer has a huge potential for shooting a target from afar, and if you act according to the principle – a shot, a move, then most opponents will die before they reach you.

Concussive Shot – Confuses the target, cancels the target and slows it down by 40%. An excellent skill to bring down the offensive of the enemy, or vice versa to prevent him from escaping.

Clip wings – a skill that inflicts injuries on the target and slows down the running speed by 50%. Does not stack with other effects that limit the target’s speed.

Serpent Sting is an attacking skill that imposes a negative effect on the target depending on the strength of the elements.

Aimed Shot – Deals heavy damage to the target and reduces incoming healing by 50%.

Arcane Shot is an instant cast skill that deals magic damage. Thus, the archer can use two types of attacks and adapt to the enemy with any defense.

Automatic shooting – the archer stands still and delivers many shots in a row at an increased speed. The skill is used in two cases. When the target starts to retreat or advance and the slowdown will be enough to finish off the enemy before reaching the archer. In a protracted contact battle, where the shooter needs to put everything on the line and there is no way to change the location for shooting – in this case, use all the power-ups that you have and automatic shooting to win or die on the battlefield.

Deterrence – Completely dodges ranged physical and magical attacks for 5 seconds. When using the skill, the archer cannot move.

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