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Proven Methods for Generating High-Quality FSBO Leads

Finding leads in the real estate market takes patience, tact, and creativity. It’s best to have a variety of lead-generation strategies in place so your business can thrive even when one source is slowing down. Targeting FSBO properties is one of the most effective ways to generate quality leads for your real estate business. This method requires targeted marketing, networking, and added-value services.

1. Reach Out to FSBOs

Many real estate agents are hesitant in finding FSBO leads and contacting them, but they can be one of the best sources of quality business. Getting in touch with an FSBO prospect requires patience and listening skills, as they will likely need some clarification about selling their home.

A good strategy is to make contact several times over weeks or months, consistently reaching out by mail, email, phone, or in-person visits. This allows you to patiently answer their questions and address their objections while building trust over time. A common objection is whether an FSBO will pay a buyer’s agent commission.

If they say no, probe further by asking if they want to sell their house quickly or would prefer to wait. You can also offer them valuable resources and contacts to help them with their sale, such as a lender who could preapprove their loan or contractors who can help with painting and flooring. This is how you can add value to the conversation and increase your odds of landing a listing.

2. Create a healthy pipeline of real estate leads

Creating a healthy pipeline of real estate leads requires more than understanding market trends. It would be best if you were a skilled marketer and savvy businessperson. You can use social media to target FSBOs and other potential clients. Find people who are in the process of selling or buying, and send them a message that highlights your expertise and solutions.

Many local chambers of commerce and real estate associations host networking events for their members and industry professionals. These gatherings are a great way to meet prospective clients and establish yourself as a professional in your community. You can also contact local business owners, such as restaurants and salons, to see if they have property-related needs.

Then, you can pitch yourself as a consultant who can help them achieve their goals and improve their bottom line. Cold calling isn’t the most conversion-friendly method, but it can still produce high-quality leads with other marketing methods. And when you choose a CRM built specifically for the real estate industry, it can streamline your lead management and engagement efforts.

3. Utilize Your Existing Network of Contacts

One of the best ways to generate FSBO leads is to leverage your existing network. You can do this by contacting friends and family members considering selling their home. This will ensure you get quality leads from people familiar with your work. Another option is to use a software tool that connects real estate agents with homeowners planning to sell their homes.

This tool constantly scours sites, classifieds, and signs for FSBO listings in your territory and delivers seller leads to your inbox. It also includes tools such as a power dialer, which automatically calls leads and leaves a pre-recorded message if the homeowner doesn’t answer.

This tool can help you stay organized and efficient when prospecting FSBOs, saving you time and money. It’s important to remember that FSBOs differ from other sellers, as they may have different objections or need to move quickly. Therefore, following up regularly and effectively with these leads is essential.

4. Establish Your Online Presence

An established online presence is one of the most effective ways to generate high-quality leads. This includes having a website, social media, reviews, and other online content that helps potential customers find your business. Consider creating an informative blog relevant to your target audience’s needs and interests.

For example, if your company sells curtains and curtain rods, a blog about the history of curtains or how they improve home decor may be an excellent way to attract readers.

Also, consider hosting an informative webinar. These online events are great for educating audiences, sharing product knowledge, and generating leads. Webinars can be recorded and marketed to email subscribers for additional growth potential. Lastly, invest in paid ads on search engines and social media platforms.

This can help you appear at the top of search results and reach new audiences that your organic marketing efforts might miss. Additionally, paid ads allow you to include a call-to-action (CTA) that prompts users to take action, such as visiting your website or calling your phone number.

5. Focus on Nurturing Your Leads

The number of leads is just a vanity metric if you don’t convert those leads into paying customers. That’s why it’s essential to nurture your leads with super-relevant, hyper-practical content that delivers real value regularly. This keeps your brand top-of-mind and lets you mention how your product or service can help solve the lead’s problem. To nurture your leads, it’s essential to have a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) system in place and to be attentive during your interactions with each lead.

Final Words

Even if it’s something minor, like a lead mentioning they have two kids or that they’re going on vacation to Paris next week, note it in your CRM so you can start the conversation on a more personal level with them when you speak again. A dedicated lead nurturing strategy will help your BDRs and sales development teams ensure that the leads they hand off to sales are high-quality and ready to move forward in their buying journey.

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