Online Tajweed Course; its benefits and goals

Since the Qur’an is the Message of Allah, it should be recited as it was revealed. The Qur’an contains a lot of messages and stories that guide us in our lives. Any mistake in the pronunciation of the Holy verses of the Quran can completely change the meaning of the full verse. This can in turn deteriorate the message given by Allah. So one should be very careful in reciting the Holy Quran. Quran is revealed in Arabic language, Arabic contains particular sounds, and to pronounce them correctly, non-Arab Muslims must learn to read Arabic with proper Makharij (points of articulation). 

What does tajweed mean?

Tajweed means “to be fluent and proficient” or to be excellent at something. Each letter of the Qur’an receives its reward when recited, if it is not recited or pronunciated properly then it is not good.  There are certain rules of pronunciation applicable to each letter of the Quran in different situations according to their particularities. Following these rules while reciting the Holy Quran is called Tajweed. Tajweed allows you to read the Holy Quran as it was originally revealed to our Prophet Muhammad. However, Tajweed is much more than just mastering accents or dialects. The basic rules of Tajweed include clarity of speech, proper timing of syllables, and understanding how letters can change the expression of words.

Goals of the online Tajweed courses

  • Making the learning of the Qur’an affordable and accessible to all Muslims regardless of age, gender or nationality.  
  • Mastering people in the rules of Tajweed and applying them to the recitation of the Holy Quran. 
  • Making students able to recite the Qur’an with beautiful recitations, which fulfills the command of our Prophet to adorn our voice with the Qur’an. 
  • Students can read Quran with correct pronunciation and Makhariji. Recognition and application of Quranan (al-Waqf) stops and pauses. 
  • Recitation of the Qur’an according to Qira’ah (Rules for recitation of  the Qur’an

The importance of the online Tajweed course

Tajweed is undoubtedly important for all Muslims. It promotes the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an. Every word of the Holy Quran will bring you unlimited benefits. In addition, you will receive even more rewards if you pronounce each word correctly and accurately, which can certainly happen with the application of Tajweed. In all the verses of the Qur’an Kareem, Allah (SWT) sends a clear message to his creation that the people who believe in the truth of this noble book of the Qur’an are those who read it as it was revealed. Anyone who believes in the truth of the Holy Qur’an must try to recite each letter as it is intended. While reciting the Quran the recitor should be able to recite the verses with the correct pronunciation of Arabic words and letters, which can be achieved by mastering Tajweed, because Tajweed deals with the correct pronunciation of words. 

Purpose of reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed

Learning Tajweed online will also give you a better understanding and recognition of Allah’s words, leading to a deeper connection and greater trust in Sha’Allah. In addition, Tajweed can be considered the art of reciting the Holy Quran correctly. The main purpose of reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed is to protect and preserve its legacy from error.

Advantages of learning Tajweed online  

There are several advantages to learning Tajweed online. Online Tajweed classes are best suited for a number of people especially those who are unable to join physical classes. 

Comprehensive and clear course 

Tajweed Online Learning offers students the opportunity to find a complete, integrated, and clear course according to their own preferences.  

Overcoming obstacles

Several difficulties and obstacles prevent Muslims from attending Quranic classes, including interference with school education. Online Tajweed classes overcome all these obstacles and difficulties.

Effective learning

Students can learn the Qur’an interactively and effectively using the resources, tools and software of their online teachers. They can enjoy all these benefits at their own pace. 

Easy to learn

 Learning platforms provide tools that teachers can use to more easily assess student performance and learning pace, such as multiple-choice tests and quizzes. 

Modern learning

Online classes offer an important advantage of modern learning, which makes learning more interesting for children and new generations.  It allows you to schedule Online Tajweed lessons whenever it suits you. 

Affordable and convenient

Online Quran learning is an affordable, convenient, and effective way to learn, especially in our online world. Traditional lessons suffer from overcrowding. You can avoid this by taking online courses without having to compromise on the quality of the lectures.

Points that are learned by online Tajweed classes

There are several rules and points that a student learns from online Tajweed classes like articulation points, Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween, Rules of Meem Sakinah, and rules of Madd.

These are enlisted below.

Tajweed Rules

  • Merits & legal ruling of Tajweed
  • Rules of Basmalah & Isteaazah
  • Types & legal ruling of Lahn

The Articulation Points of the Letters

  • The throat
  • The empty space in the throat & oral cavity
  • Parts of the tongue
  • The two lips
  • The nasal cavity

The Characteristics of the Letters

  • Characteristics with opposites
  • Characteristics without opposites
  • Heavy & light letters

Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween

  • Izhaar Halqi (obviousness)
  • Idgham (merging)
  • Iqlab (changing)
  • Ikhfaa (hiding)

Rules of Meem Sakinah

  • Ikhfaa Shafawi (hiding)
  • Idgham Mutamathilayn Saghir (merging)
  • Izhaar Shafawi (obviousness)

Rules of Madd


Reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed has a particular effect. It is not mandatory to recite the Quran with Tajweed, it can also be recited simply but the astonishment and amazement that is present in Tajweed cannot be replaced by anything. So it is better to properly pronounce every letter of the Holy Quran. Learning tajweed online is not more difficult now. One can learn it effortlessly at home by joining the online Tajweed courses that are easily available nowadays.

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