Is It Time to Switch Your Canadian Freight Forwarder?

You might be a representative of a start-up firm. So, you might be shipping once a month. Otherwise, you might be representing an established business. In this case, you might be relying on imports and exports to operate your business. In both cases, you should have a dependable logistics and shipping partner. Only then, you can keep your customers happy. 

Here, the thing to remember is that freight forwarding is a complex niche. It deals with many moving parts. So, you should be aware of the signs that indicate you should look for a new Canadian freight forwarder. Identifying these problems before they affect your business is essential. Here are a few warning signs that indicate that you need a different freight forwarder:

Recurring Issues

Is your present freight forward company plagued by regular issues? Do they frequently complain about issues with the shipment? It is an indication that you should change the freight forwarder. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Hidden charges
  • Errors in documentation
  • Loss of documentation
  • Delays again and again in arrival or departure times

Professional freight forwarders will ensure that your cargo is delivered on time. They will take ownership of the complete process. They will look for ways continuously to improve customer experience.

Shipment Visibility

Presently, transparency in tracking should be part of all shipments. Indeed, you have been working with the freight forwarder for long. Nevertheless, by this time, the freight forwarder should provide transparency in shipping. But unfortunately, some freight forwarders do not do this.

  • Is your freight forwarder not offering real-time updates on the shipping phase?
  • Are you not getting details of the present location of the cargo?

In case, your answers to these questions are affirmative, you should look for a new freight forwarder.


You cannot predict the freight forwarding industry. Even a dependable freight forwarder can face unforeseen situations rarely. It can lead to issues like damaged goods or loss of products.

  • You should work with a freight forwarder, who takes ownership of your consignment.
  • The freight forwarder should back when unforeseen things happen.
  • You will get the right insurance coverage from a good freight forwarder.

In short, if your freight forwarder does not provide insurance coverage, it is better to look for a new one.

So, remember these warning signs. You can decide whether it is time to change your freight forwarder.

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