Choosing International Air Freight Company for Cargo Transport

The services of air freight companies can be engaged for transporting people and cargo from various points; locally and internationally. There are several benefits to this including the fact that it:

  • Is faster
  • Is reliable
  • Is safer
  • Ensures reduced storage cost
  • Is flexible
  • Offers climate-controlled features

By the way, these are only a few of the benefits in question. For information on other benefits, you can visit:

However, the services of the right company need to be engaged when international air freight services are required. To this end, this article discusses how to choose from the several companies offering these services. Furthermore, this article is more focused on cargo transport. So, bear this in mind as you keep reading.

Considerations when Choosing International Air Freight Company for Cargo Transport

Choosing the right international air freight company for cargo transport entails considering several factors. Some of the things to be taken into consideration include the following:

Experience & Reputation

Experience is often mentioned as a major consideration when choosing service providers at large. However, experience does not always translate to a good reputation. As a result, you need to examine the experience of considered companies to be certain of their reputation. To this end, credible reviews, references, and testimonials should be consulted for this purpose.

Global Network

International cargo transportation is very different from local cargo transportation. The differences are in areas such as distance covered, custom laws, and networking demands.

As a result, you need to engage a company that understands these demands and that is capable of meeting them. This calls for working with a service provider that has global coverage.

This could happen both directly and indirectly. For example, there could be reasonable partnership deals with other reputable carriers. This is an example of how to have indirect global coverage.

Services Offered

The sort of cargo that you intend to transport should also be a deciding factor when choosing an air freight company. This is because certain cargoes require specialized handling.

For example, perishable items cannot be transported the same way non-perishable items would be transported. By the way, you can click here for more information on how to properly transport perishable items.

Custom Expertise

One of the aforementioned points did mention how international cargo transportation comes with customs demands. Well, this can be quite tricky because of the peculiarities of customs laws across the globe.

The implication is that there can be very distinct rules in certain places. This is very possible because of how sovereign nations have the exclusive right to determine their customs laws.

In light of this, you need to engage an international freight company that understands customs laws in various parts of the world. This is especially true for those parts where you intend to transport your cargo.

Tracking Technology

Being able to tell where your transported cargo is per time makes a lot of sense. For one, it helps with effective planning. This is considering how you can make accurate plans based on the pace at which your cargo is being transported.

To this end, you should prioritize options that use high-level tracking technology. For example, EDI, which is the acronym for Electronic Data Interchange, should be engaged. The integration of such technological solutions ensures that communication and documentation are very streamlined.

Insurance & Risk Management

No sane person or business wants to experience negative occurrences. However, there is a difference between hoping and planning.

While negative occurrences should not be hoped for, there should be plans to deal with their effects if they happen. Against this backdrop, the right option should be duly insured. This is important in the best interests of customers.

Compliance & Certifications

Overall, there are industry standards that are supposed to be met by these companies. Well, having the required industry certifications proves that companies in this line of business do not fall short of these standards.

As a result, you should make an effort to check the certifications of considered companies. This also calls for knowledge of the required standards. For example, IATA, which is the acronym for International Air Transport Association, is a very common certification for companies in this line of business.

Customer Service

Top-quality customer service should be one of the major highlights of using air freight services. By the way, customer support service starts even before you engage an international air freight company; which means that you should be mindful of how you are treated before hiring them. Options with questionable customer service approaches should be ruled out.


Additionally, you have to understand and find the company’s costs & pricing structure fair enough. For example, there should be no hidden charge as transparent communication is crucial. So, bear this in mind, as well as the other considerations discussed here.

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