How to watch Rugby World Cup live

Get ready to watch the Rugby World Cup in Paris in just a little more than two weeks! If you want to see the exciting games as they happen, this article can help you, no matter where you are in the world. It even has information on how to watch for free!

In the UK, lucky fans can watch all the games for free on the ITVX streaming service. If you’re a Brit who’s not in the UK, you can use something called a VPN to watch the Rugby World Cup even if you’re in another country.

The tournament starts in Paris on Friday, September 8, 2023. The first game is between host team France and the All Blacks, who are three-times champions. There will be 48 matches in total, with 20 teams competing to win the special trophy on Saturday, October 28. We also have the complete list of RWC 2023 Fixtures, so you can plan which games to watch.

This guide will tell you how to watch a Rugby World Cup live stream from anywhere in the world. It’s the best way to make sure you see every exciting moment of this highly anticipated tournament.

How to watch Rugby World Cup 2023 live in USA

Rugby world cup live stream free. If you’re in the United States and want to watch the Rugby World Cup, you can do it through NBC. They’re the ones who show the games on TV. There’s a thing called Peacock Premium, and you can get it for $4.99 every month.

Another way is by using Sling. Sling is like a smart TV service. It lets you watch TV channels on your TV, computer, or tablet without getting a whole year of cable TV.

One of the channels on Sling is CNBC. You can watch it if you choose the Sling Blue package and add the News Extra thing. It costs $41 per month, but the first week is free and you can stop whenever you want.

So, you have options like Peacock Premium and Sling to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023 live in the USA.

Watch Rugby World Cup in UK

In the UK, you can watch the Rugby World Cup for FREE on ITVX. That’s because ITV has the special right to show all the matches to people in the UK. They even made a cool app that works on your smart devices like phones and game consoles. You can find the app by searching for it on any device you have.

If you’re not in the UK but still want to watch like you always do, you can try something called ExpressVPN. 

How to watch  Rugby World Cup 2023 live stream from outside your country

If you’re in a different country and you want to watch the Rugby World Cup from your own country’s channel, even if you’re far away, you can use something called a VPN – that’s like a special internet tool.

TechRadar experts say a VPN named ExpressVPN is really good. It’s easy to use, super safe, and you can watch it on lots of things like smart TVs, phones, iPads, and computers.

Here’s a neat thing: ExpressVPN lets you try it for free for a whole month. Or if you want, you can sign up for a whole year and get three extra months for free.

Just remember, use VPNs for good stuff, like watching shows from other countries or staying safe online. Don’t use them for bad things or to do anything wrong.

Watch Rugby World Cup in Australia:

If you’re in Australia and love rugby, you can watch the games on Stan Sport. They’re the special channel that gets to show all 48 matches. You won’t even see ads, and you can watch whenever you want.

To get Stan Sport, you can add it to your regular Stan plan for $10 each month. They also let you try it for seven days free to see if you like it.

Watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand:

In New Zealand, Sky Sport NZ has the rights to show the Rugby World Cup. They’ve got a cool deal where they’re showing 12 matches for free on Prime NZ – six of them live. This includes a semi-final, the third-place game, and the big final match.

Watch the Rugby World Cup in Europe:

Over in France, TF1 will show the games. They teamed up with other channels like M6 and France Télévisions for some matches too. In Italy, Rai is the one with the rights to show the World Cup.

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