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How to Navigate Instagram’s Changing Algorithm

Understanding the Instagram algorithm can be as tricky as finding a needle in a stack of hay. 

It keeps changing, making it tough for marketers to keep up. But knowing how it works can actually boost your posts and help you gain more followers.

The Instagram algorithm shapes what shows up in your feed. This is why you must know how to navigate it.

It’ll help you create great content and expand your reach without spending money. In this guide, we’ll share strategies to make the most of the Instagram algorithm.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Rather than being a singular entity, the Instagram algorithm is actually a collection of interdependent systems. Instagram claims to consist of numerous processes and algorithms, each with its own specific function.  

By displaying content that you are likely to find interesting, the algorithms primarily work to keep you engaged with the app. This might be a great chance for advertisers to make money on Instagram.  

Adjust your posts and methods, so they align with Instagram’s algorithmic preferences. That way, more people will see your content, and you can attract dedicated fans who will support your cause.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram uses different algorithms for various parts of the app, like the feed or Reels. Also, each Instagram algorithm ranks content based on different things:

  • Feed algorithm: Look at what you do in your feed (like, comment, share, save) and info about the post and the person who posted it.
  • Explore Page algorithm: Considers what you do in Explore (like, comment, share) and info about the post and the person who posted it.
  • Reels algorithm: Watches what you do in Reels (like, comment, share, save) and info about the Reel and the person who posted it.
  • Stories algorithm: Check out the stories you’ve seen or engaged with before.

Tips and Strategies to Navigate Instagram’s Changing Algorithm

The truth is that you cannot actually beat Instagram’s algorithm. However, you can still use it to your advantage. Here are some tips to help you navigate the changing algorithm:

  • Post high-quality content, especially short-form videos

Nowadays, people prefer watching short-form videos over other types of content. Instagram’s algorithm is already aware of it, so if you want to increase your reach, post regularly, especially videos. 

Start with around 1-2 posts a day and tweak it to see what works for you. Try different types of content, too. Carousels are awesome for engagement because they make people stick around longer.

Reels are still a big deal for getting noticed. You can create engaging reels and add captions with keywords to get notices. Even though photos are getting popular again, don’t forget about videos. Loads of people love short videos. So, keep using reels. You can share your Reels in Stories to get more views. 

  • Use Instagram growth services

If you want to take advantage of the platform’s algorithm, use Instagram growth services. You can buy likes, followers, and views to show that more people are engaging with your content. 

This way, the algorithm will work in your favor and help to boost your profile further. However, make sure you choose only reputed services that offer real followers. 

  • Post at the right time

You need to post your content on Instagram when the target audience is most active. In the old days, timing was crucial in the chronological feed. But now, in the home feed, it’s all about catching your followers when they’re active. More early likes and comments signal to the algorithm that your post is a hit.

Check out Instagram’s own analytics to see the activity. Go to your profile, tap professional dashboard, and then see the time when your followers are active. You can also schedule your posts at peak times. 

  • Engage with your audience

Engagement is huge on Instagram, and it really matters. Likes, comments, and how much people love your post can decide how well it does.

Getting the audience engaged might seem tricky, but there are ways to get them chatting and impress the algorithms. You can post something that makes people want to comment. For example, “What’s your favorite movie?”

You can also challenge your audience to guess something in your post’s comments. Another way is to encourage your followers to tag someone who likes your post. Also, make your Stories interactive with stickers that get people talking or taking quizzes.

  • Create captivating captions using hashtags and keywords

Write captions that grab attention and include keywords and hashtags. Don’t wait for the algorithm to do it all—use keywords to get your content out there to new followers.

Now, Instagram can search for keywords, making it easier for new people to find your posts. Write your Instagram captions with a sprinkle of SEO magic. 

Add keywords in different places to make yourself easier to discover. You can also add keywords and hashtags in your bio. Your bio’s keywords can get you found by people searching for your industry. 

  • Focus on your audience

Focus on your audience because they’re key to winning with the algorithm. Remember, your content is all about them. So, make it with their interests in mind.

Listen to your audience when they’re already giving you hints about what they like. You can use Instagram analytics and insights to check what they like. Instagram’s own stats give you a basic idea of who follows you and which posts have done well in the last 90 days. 


The Instagram algorithm is like a mystery that’s always changing. You never know when the next big change will happen. But for now, you have our guide to handle it. It will help you to know Instagram better and plan your posts in a smarter way.

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