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How to Disable Brave Lens Image Search to get back on Google Image Search?

The privacy-focused online browser Brave Browser has unveiled a brand-new feature called Brave Lens that allows users to search for photos within the browser by right-clicking on any image and choosing “Search Image with Brave Lens.”

Some customers are upset that they cannot access Google Photographs directly, even though it may appear convenient for exploring photographs. There is no need to fear if you are one of the users who prefer to use Google Images, though.

We will describe how to switch off Brave Lens Image Search in this article so that you may use Google Image Search once more. Some other reverse image search tools are also help to provide the similar images

What is Brave Lens?

The Brave browser has an integrated feature called Brave Lens, which provides a privacy-focused image search experience. Its objective is to offer users search results within the browser, decreasing dependence on external search engines such as Google Image Search. Although privacy is the main focus of Brave Lens, it may restrict access to the broad range of features and search capabilities that Google Image Search provides.

Why May You Want to Disable Brave Lens?

Brave Lens is one of the newest functions, and you may use the function to scan QR codes on your phone without leaving the browser or downloading any additional apps. However, some users prefer to disable Brave Lens due to worries about security and privacy.

  • Brave Lens uses your camera without your explicit consent whenever you open the browser, which is one reason you might wish to disable it. This implies that if malicious websites or browser extensions are installed, they can use Brave Lens to access your camera secretly. In addition, someone could misuse your camera if they hack the program or obtain unauthorized access to your device.
  • Brave Lens needs access to your device’s other components, such as storage and location information, which is another reason you might want to disable it.
  • Google Images has a broader range of search outcomes through Google Image Search, which indexes an extensive visual content collection. The search engine also allows users to narrow their results by specifying size, color, type, and usage rights, leading to more accurate outcomes.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Disable Brave Lens?

A built-in feature of the Brave browser called Brave Lens aids users in finding pertinent information online. When a keyword is clicked, the tool automatically recognizes it, highlights it, and displays more information. Not everyone may want this function, but disabling it is simple.

  • Open the browser and go to the settings page to turn off Brave Lens.
  • Choose ‘Additional Settings’ and then ‘Privacy and Security.’
  • Click on ‘Brave Rewards’ once you’ve scrolled to see it.
  • Find “Brave Lens” under the “Features” section on the website that should have multiple options; slide the button to the left to disable it.
  • Alternatively, you can deactivate Brave Lens from a web page that has already been enabled.
  • Confirm the modifications by shutting down and relaunching the browser application and visiting Google Image Search.

Alternative Solutions: Other Ways to Access Google Image Search ( )

Here are some choices to consider if you want to use Google Image Search in addition to Brave Lens:

Open a different browser: You can access Google Image Search only using a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Use Google Chrome extension: Alternatively, you can add the “Google Search This Image” extension to Brave, allowing you to use Google to conduct reverse image searches.

Utilize other search engines: Another choice is to test out search engines emphasizing user privacy and offering picture search tools, such as DuckDuckGo or Startpage.

Benefits of Disabling Brave Lens:

  • Access a more extensive library of images with a broader range of search outcomes.
  • Employ sophisticated search parameters to locate pictures that fulfill particular requirements.
  • Effortlessly merge Google Image Search with other Google utilities.

Drawbacks of Disabling Brave Lens

Risking giving up the Brave Lens features that prioritize privacy.

A greater reliance on third-party websites for image searches.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

To disable Brave Lens and regain access to all of Google Image Search’s features, follow the instructions above. Although Brave Lens prioritizes privacy, removing it may better suit your personal preferences for search outcomes and connection with Google services.

Ultimately, the decision to disable Brave Lens depends on your individual needs. Consider exploring alternative options or using different browsers to find the best solution.

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