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Here’s How To Use Acrylic Paint To Make Your Artwork Sparkle

Creating art has been one of the many ways people have been expressing themselves for years. Today, it’s more popular than ever, with countless different styles and inventions coming to the forefront. However, one of the most inconvenient and difficult considerations that artists must make before they begin a new project is what kind of materials they’ll use, especially the paint. This is because different kinds of paint have different price points and have varying effects on the final product, but, as you’ll read in this article, acrylic paint is one of the best options you’ll have.

Use A Metallic Medium

Metallic acrylic paint is known for its vibrancy that’s difficult to ignore. If you want to make your art sparkle, this will be your best bet. Metallic paint provides a unique kind of texture to every painting and is incredibly versatile. This is because it can be used to make things appear more mystical and make objects that are the center of attention in a painting pop. Having metallic paint is an important tool in your arsenal, and if you use it well, you’ll be able to make incredible pieces.

Experiment With Glitter

Glitter is a tool that is seen as childish by many people, but it’s a very important tool that, if it’s at your disposal, can change the mood and feeling of any painting by introducing an aspect that stands out and sparkles with light. It’s a great way to convey happiness or a feeling of magic, and if you’re aiming for that sparkling look, glitter provides it in spades. There are many kinds of glitter, from multicolored to black and white, and no matter what color you use it with, it’ll fit well and immediately elevate your painting.

Layer Your Paint

Layering paint is a difficult technique that many painters have had to master over the years, but it’s a technique that is worth the extra effort. With it, you’ll be able to achieve things in your painting that only professionals can, and in the context of making your paint sparkle, you’ll be able to provide a great yet subtle sparkle to things that won’t overshadow or dominate the other parts of your drawing. Layering your paint, especially metallic paint or glitter, with paint that’s duller and thicker can create the perfect mix of realism with a subtle shine and glamorous edge that so many people are looking to recreate.

Use A Palette Knife

If you’re aiming to achieve a unique look in your drawing, you may have to experiment with the method you’re using to paint it, and one of the most versatile methods is the palette knife. This knife works best with metallic or acrylic paint and helps it to shine more without needing to attract extra attention, as it mixes and cuts the paint just right when you’re spreading it on the canvas, allowing the light to hit it at an angle and create a shine that no other tool can recreate. You can add layering to this method to create an even more powerful shine.

Mix Different Colors to Create the Perfect Shade

Creating shades is an important principle in art and is the tool painters use to perfectly recreate the image that’s already in their heads. Achieving a sparkling look without distracting from the rest of the painting is a difficult task, and the only way you’ll be able to achieve this is by mixing your sparkling and metallic colors to create something more nuanced and versatile. You can mix metals like gold and silver or layer them with different kinds of acrylic paint to make things seem more sophisticated.


Painting has been one of humanity’s favorite pastimes for decades, and artists all over the world have been using it to express themselves as far back as historians can see. However, when it comes to picking the right paint and materials to use in your art, coming up with a final choice can be tough since there are so many categories out there, all with different effects on your drawing. However, if you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to create vibrant and complex artwork using acrylic paint.  

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