Factors Affecting Safety Performance of hopper Elevator in Concrete Batching Plant

Factors affecting the safety performance of the hopper elevator of concrete batching plant mainly include equipment quality, equipment maintenance, and operator quality. Among them, the quality of equipment includes reducer, wire rope, safety device, and control system.

Equipment Quality

Quality of Geared Motor

Reasonable selection of geared motor parameters, including power, speed, maximum output torque, safety factor and braking performance. If the rotation speed is unreasonable, the running time will be too short or too long, which will affect the production efficiency of the hopper concrete plant. If the maximum output torque is unreasonably selected, the hoist bucket will automatically slide down during the hoisting process, and even the hoist bucket will fall when the deceleration motor fails to brake.

Quality of Wire Rope

The wire rope pulls the lifting bucket through the winch and the pulley mechanism, and the tensile strength, safety factor, diameter and minimum breaking force of the steel core wire rope should be mainly considered.

Quality of Safety Devices

Safety devices include protective nets, warning nameplates, safety pins, limit switches, buffer devices, anti-loosening devices, overload alarm devices, lifting bucket anti-fall devices and fault diagnosis devices.

The protective net can effectively reduce personnel injuries; the warning nameplate can remind personnel to pay attention to danger; the safety pin can fix the lifting bucket; the limit switch can control the upper and lower limit positions of the lifting bucket; the buffer device can reduce the impact of the lifting bucket; the anti-loosening device When the wire rope is loose, a signal can be sent to brake the hoisting bucket.

Quality of Control System

The basic movement law of the lifting bucket of the lifting system is three stages of acceleration, constant speed and deceleration. When the frequency conversion speed regulation control system is adopted, if there is an abnormal operation, the control system will give an alarm in time and stop the operation of the hoist. When the overload reaches a certain amount, the control system will alarm; if the overload reaches the limit value, the control system will prompt serious overload and stop the operation of the hoist.

Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance is the key to ensure the safe performance of the concrete mixing plant bucket elevator system. Including cleaning equipment, lubricating parts, tightening bolts, adjusting transmissions, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and avoid safety hazards caused by wear or failure. Good manufacturers like Luton Machinery generally provide regular maintenance service.

Operator Quality

The quality and skills of operators play an important role in the safety performance of the bucket elevator system of concrete mixing plants. Operators should have rich operating experience and good technical ability, be familiar with equipment operating procedures, understand and abide by safe operation regulations, and timely discover and deal with equipment abnormalities.

Factors such as equipment quality, equipment maintenance, operator quality, safety equipment and measures of the hopper elevator system of concrete mixing plants are all important factors that affect its safety performance. In daily use, comprehensive consideration and effective management of these aspects can ensure the safe operation of equipment to the greatest extent.

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