Effortless Global Money Transfers: Low Fees, No Delays


Transferring money internationally has long been a frustrating and expensive process for many. Between navigating different currencies, high transfer fees from banks and third parties, and delays in recipient funds availability, sending funds abroad takes a lot of work. However, recent years have brought exciting innovations enabling fast, affordable, and convenient global money transfers.

The High Costs and Hassles of Traditional International Transfers

Previously, options for sending money overseas have been minimal and suboptimal. Bank wires through central banks were essentially the only choice for international money transfers – and they came saddled with severe drawbacks that made the process slow, opaque, and frustratingly expensive—sending funds abroad via bank wire transfers involved exorbitant transaction fees, often $40 or more per transfer, which could add up for those needing to send money frequently or in large amounts.

 Bank wires were also notoriously slow, with funds taking 3-5 business days or longer to become available in the recipient’s account. This lengthy transfer time often caused significant issues for recipients who needed access to the funds quickly for costs like medical bills, rent, or other financial emergencies. 

The wire transfer process could have been more clear and concise, requiring senders to go to a bank branch physically, fill out lengthy forms, and get assistance from a banker to initiate and track transfers. Bank wires made sending money abroad costly, slow, and frustrating. Fortunately, those days are long gone, thanks to the rise of more innovative international money transfer options.

Exorbitant Fees

Banks typically charge high fees for international wire transfers – often $40 or more per transaction. Exchange rate markups may also apply, further increasing costs. For frequent transfers or high amounts, these fees can add up.

Long Transfer Times

Bank wires also notoriously take a long time to reach the recipient’s account. It’s common for funds to take 3-5 business days or longer to become available. This delay can cause significant issues for recipients, depending on their situation.

Opacity and Hassle

The wire transfer process itself could be more transparent and more convenient. Senders must physically go to a bank branch, fill out lengthy forms, and get assistance from a banker. Tracking the status of transfers is difficult, too. The process could be more frustrating.

New Global Transfer Solutions Offer Major Improvements

Thankfully, the landscape for international money transfers has improved drastically in recent years thanks to financial technology innovations. New specialised money transfer services now provide:

Low-Cost Transactions

Services like RemitFast offer inexpensive fees – often $5 or less per transfer. Some transfers are even fee-free! This represents enormous savings compared to costly bank wires.

Quick Transfer Speeds

Transfers via these services are also processed rapidly, with funds hitting recipient accounts within hours or 1-2 days at most. This enables recipients immediate access to funds when needed.

Convenience and Transparency

Senders can securely initiate transfers online or via mobile app and track their status easily. Details like exchange rates and delivery ETA are precise. The process is streamlined and transparent.

Top Exchange Rates

Some transfer services also offer highly competitive exchange rates. This further maximises the senders’ amounts delivered. The best rates help transfer charges go even further for recipients.

Critical Benefits of Sending Money Overseas

For anyone who sends money internationally – to support loved ones, pay overseas bills, or run a global business – these new transfer services offer significant perks.

More Affordable Transfers

The low fees unlock huge savings compared to costly bank wires. More comprehensive access to cheap transfers allows more frequent support of recipients.

Faster Funds Availability

Speedy delivery provides recipients fast access to money when it’s needed for costs like rent, medical bills, or emergencies. Delays can no longer jeopardise recipients’ financial security.

Efficient Operational Support

Businesses can send funds abroad to operations, contractors, etc., without hassle. Fast delivery and easy tracking simplify global financial operations.

Peace of Mind

The convenience, transparency, and reliability of transfers via services like RemitFast promote total peace of mind for senders and recipients alike. Hassles are eliminated.


Sending money abroad is now more accessible and affordable than ever, thanks to innovative financial technology (fintech) transfer solutions. Services like RemitFast have revolutionised the international money transfer process through easy-to-use apps and online platforms. Those needing to transfer funds internationally can benefit from low transaction fees, often $5 or less per transfer, compared to banks’ typical $40+ costs. Recipients also gain quick access to money thanks to fast delivery speeds, with funds hitting accounts within hours or 1-2 days rather than the 3-5+ days familiar with bank wires. This enables smooth international support for loved ones or efficient operational support for global business endeavours. 

The optimised user experience also promotes effortless money transfers, with conveniences like easy online initiation, mobile app access, transparent exchange rates and transfer tracking, and 24/7 multilingual customer support. With these seamless, round-the-clock international transfer options, moving money worldwide is now more accessible and affordable than anyone could have imagined just a decade ago. Financial innovations have certainly made cross-border transactions frictionless. For more information, check this website

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