Dress to Impress for Less

You can put your best foot forward without spending a fortune. Whether for that extensive interview or an evening out, dressing to impress can help you advance your career goals and make a great first impression on those you meet.

One of the best ways to dress to impress for less is by shopping women’s clothing sales. There are many ways to score sweet discounts on clothes, including coupons and promo codes.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s easier than you think to switch to a capsule wardrobe. Start by paring down your closet to 37 items, then shop sales and secondhand stores for the timeless essentials you need.

Start with the essentials, such as a little black dress and a pair of well-fitting jeans. These timeless pieces go with everything so you can create countless outfits with them. After stocking up on these necessities, you may concentrate on purchasing high-end footwear and clothing from Princess Polly US.

Regarding bottoms, stick to a neutral palette and look for pants that can be worn in all seasons. For dresses, select a short-sleeve or sleeveless option that can be layered with sweaters or blazers. Invest in a good tailor to shorten sleeves or take in waists. Avoid purchasing replacement clothing will save you money in the long run.

Understand the Retail Calendar

One of the best ways to save on clothing is to shop for sales. Whether you’re looking for a summer wedding guest dress or want to stock up on a few new pieces, the right sale can make all the difference.

The retail calendar is a system used by retailers that break the year into four- and five-week periods with the same number of weekends and weekdays. It allows retailers to more accurately compare sales from year to year and make better merchandising decisions.

For example, by using the retail calendar, a retailer could see that their spring/summer sales are more vital than their fall/winter sales. It helps them to promote the sales events that are most likely to drive customers to their stores.

Swap Clothes with Your Friends

Shopping for women’s clothing sales is one of the fastest and easiest ways to realize savings. However, consider hosting a clothing swap with friends if you want an even bigger bang.

Choose a location that can accommodate the number of people you’re inviting. Depending on the size of your group, this may be your home or an apartment living room, or you could even reach out to local community centers or churches to see if they have a space that would be free to use.

Before the event, send out the invites and explain the rules of the swap. For example, you can clarify that only worn clothes are for sale and that maternity or nursing wear is prohibited.

You should also set a minimum and maximum number of items each person can bring, which will keep the swap from becoming overwhelming for everyone. Also, make sure you include friends of all sizes and friends interested in different types of fashion.

Shop Closeouts

Snag fashion staples for less by hitting your favorite stores’ clearance and sale sections. You’ll find occasion-ready dresses, jean shorts, T-shirts for work, comfy leggings, summer sandals, and hats — everything you need to nail your pre-summer look.

Shoppers who hit the sales right after Labor Day can score the best deals. That’s because the clothes you see on clearance racks may have been promoted earlier in the season but are now marked down to clear out inventory before the fall and winter seasons start.

Just be sure to act fast, as the pieces will disappear quickly.

Look for Coupons and Promo Codes

Whether shopping for a new formal dress or a pair of jeans, you can score a sweet deal on women’s clothing by visiting coupon sites and searching for discount codes. These offers can save you up to 60% or more on your purchase and make it possible to splurge on items you usually couldn’t afford.

Look for discounts at the end of each season, when retailers must clear out their inventory to make room for new styles. Also, check out online and brick-and-mortar stores’ sale and clearance sections for even more incredible deals on designer labels.

You can also save money on women’s clothes by consciously shopping sales during certain holidays, such as Memorial Day and President’s Day, when most retailers offer significant sitewide discounts. Finally, consider signing up for email lists at e-commerce sites that you love to get early access to their sales.

Shop Sales

It’s no secret that clothing can be expensive, but with some planning, you can score significant discounts when you shop. You can keep your closet stocked without breaking the bank by paying attention to the retail calendar, shopping sales, and looking for discount codes and coupon deals.

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