Choosing the Perfect Kid’s Lehenga: A Guide for Parents

A lehenga is one of the most extravagant outfits that anyone can ever wear. And the same goes for your daughter as well. A kids lehenga is a great way to get your kid more involved with her culture and traditional outfits. Nowadays, kids have opportunities to wear western wear like dresses and jeans almost everyday. But they rarely get a chance to wear a traditional lehenga. So, if you get the opportunity, buy the absolute best lehenga for your daughter to make the day and outfit memorable for the both of you.

Mirraw is the best place to find the perfect lehenga for your little one. There is a great deal of variety, fabrics, and colors available for you here. So, if you are looking for the perfect lehenga for your daughter, look no further than Mirraw.

Here is a guide to help you in choosing the right lehenga.

Selecting the right Fabric

The fabric is one the most important aspects of choosing a lehenga, since it will decide the level of comfort for your daughter and also the final look.

● Cotton is one of the best fabrics in terms of comfort. It is breathable and airy. Also, it can support a lot of different designs.

● Silk is the best fabric if you want luxury and sheen. Their luxuriousness makes them look absolutely best when put on.

● Velvet is great for winters since it offers warmth and grandeur at the same time.

● Chiffon and georgette are also airy options that are good for parties and casual occasions.

● Organza is the best choice if your daughter wants a breezy, airy, and poofy look. Basically, this fabric will offer a princess look.

Decorations and Embellishments

When it comes to lehengas, the design has to be extravagant. So, choose from the variety of decorations and embroidery options available for you. You can choose zari, chikankari, aari, sequins, stones, gota patti, mirror work,and ruffles. These are just a few of the many options available for lehenga design.

Choose the decorations and embellishments carefully since they can make the lehenga quite heavy. Make sure your daughter can handle the weight of the lehenga after all these embellishments.

Color Choices

The sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of colors available for Indian clothes for kids and in particular, lehengas. Choose the right color according to the occasion. Take your daughter’s favorite color into consideration as well. After all, she is the one who has to wear the lehenga finally. Also, take the season into consideration as well. Go for lighter colors in the summer and darked colors in the winter.

You can choose the traditional lehenga colors like red, deep green, and maroon. These timeless classics would surely come off beautifully. On the other hand, you can also go for the popular trend of pastel colors nowadays. Brighter and vibrant colors are a great option for weddings and grand events. So, the options are truly endless.

Sizing and Fit

The sizing and fit is extremely important for lehengas. The correct fit brings out the correct look of the outfit. It will also ensure that your daughter feels comfortable in the lehenga itself. Here are some tips to ensure that the lehenga is the right fit for your daughter:

● If you are getting the lehenga stitched from scratch, then make sure the tailor takes the right measurements.

● Choose a fit which is age appropriate for the age of your daughter.

● If you are buying a readymade lehenga, make sure it comes with adjustable hooks, waistband and buttons.

● The fitting should allow free movement and mobility to your child.

Buy the Best Lehengas for Girls on Mirraw

Now that this guide is here to help you out, you know how to buy the perfect lehenga for your daughter. So, don’t miss out on Mirraw’s amazing price deals and free shipping offers for this festive season. Happy shopping!

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