10 Easiest Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair

The days when all of us had to wear a suit and tie to work, keep the beard and the hair only in an acceptable pattern and call every last one of our superiors sir and ma’am- those days of conservative workplaces with stringent rules are gone!

With the society shifting to a more open-minded and accepting culture, with the workplaces promoting creativity and affording the freedom to employees, long hair isn’t just what hippies and rockstars can keep. So go ahead and grow out your hair and worry not, because we are here for you with 10 easiest hairstyles for men long hair.

Twist-in bun

Let us start with an easy yet chic hairstyle. A fresh take on a man bun, this twist-in bun is quite the rugged attention catcher. Also, it is pretty effortless to make- start with a side part, twist a bunch of your front hair, tuck in the twisted flicked together with the rest of the hair and make a bun at the nape.

Natural side-parted

If your hair is pretty manageable and you like to keep it open, then why not try this natural, just like that hairstyle. You can pair this with a side or a middle part as you like and keep the hair tucked behind your ears as per your convenience.

Swept-back mane

This is one is ideal for shoulder length hair and would leave you with a lion-like mane! Just a small catch is that you would need a bit of setting spray or gel. Use these and your fingers to sweep back your hair and set it like that. mens hairstyles long

Side-swept with undercut

If you’re somewhat tired of the long hair you got but are also scared of letting all those months of hard work go, this middle solution could be the hairstyle for you. This comprises leaving hair on one side of the head long, to be swept back, and employing an undercut on the other side.

Wavy pompadour

This hairstyle is ideal for men with hair shorter on the sides and longer in the middle or front. Use some hair wax and a setting comb or brush to apply a generous number of strokes and create this wavy hairstyle. men hairstyle long hair

Messy bun

Go on to create the look and vibe of a hot mess with this messy bun that gives out a devil-may-care attitude and shows that you have a rugged personality. You don’t even need a comb for this, just your fingers and a rubber tie.

Slick back

A slick back hairstyle is relatively simple to achieve and is ideal for formal occasions. This one also requires the use of some hair gel or wax and a generous brushing or combing of hair towards the back to create a refined look.

Curly Faux Hawk

Like a mohawk, but it seems too much at times? And not suitable for all occasions? We feel you. Try out this faux hawk look curly hairstyle men with an undercut on the sides and curly hair flopping in the middle.

Double ponytail

If your hair is long but not long enough to fit in a single ponytail, and you still want to keep it off your neck, this double ponytail is a stylish way to do that.

Sleek low ponytail

A refined and elegant way to style extra long hair, this sleek low ponytail is easy enough to make and looks sophisticated too.

We hope you enjoyed going through our suggestions and would absolutely love it if you try out any of these on your luxuriant long locks.

Happy Styling! 🙂

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