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If you run a small to medium-sized business is Los Angeles, it is essential to have a reliable IT infrastructure in place. That’s where STG IT Consulting Group comes in. As a leading provider of IT services in Los Angeles, STG Infotech offers a comprehensive range of managed IT solutions to help businesses thrive in a competitive market.

Why Choose STG Infotech for Your IT Services?

STG Infotech is committed to delivering next-generation solutions designed to scale up business performance and provide cutting-edge digital infrastructure operations for the future. With a team of experienced professionals, STG Infotech provides customized services tailored to fit the unique needs of each client’s business environment.

Helpdesk Services: Immediate Support When You Need It

STG Infotech offers helpdesk services as a first line of support for immediate IT needs. Their friendly and courteous helpdesk team is available to quickly resolve over 95% of customer requests on initial contact. In rare cases where additional resources are required, the helpdesk creates trouble tickets and escalates concerns as needed to provide a speedy resolution.

Onsite and Remote Support: Comprehensive IT Assistance

Fully managed clients of STG Infotech enjoy unlimited remote and on-site IT support. Whether it’s a quick problem that can be resolved remotely or a more involved issue requiring an on-site visit, STG Infotech has you covered. Their team of experts is equipped to handle any IT-related challenge, ensuring your systems are up and running smoothly.

Network Design & Deployment: Optimized Performance and Reliability

A properly configured network is essential for achieving optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. STG Infotech, founded by technicians with extensive experience in the Fortune 500 Space, ensures that your company has a network that exceeds expectations. Their expertise in network design and deployment guarantees that your business will have a robust and secure network infrastructure.

Mac Network Management: Specialized Expertise for Mac Environments

For businesses with Mac or hybrid Mac/PC networks, STG Infotech offers specialized expertise in Mac Network Management. With their deep understanding of the Mac platform, they can ensure that your Mac network performs with the same functionality and security as a solely PC-based network. STG Infotech’s creative industry focus makes them fluent in Mac technology, ensuring your Mac network is secure and efficient.

On-Demand Virtual CIO Support: Strategic Guidance for Your IT Needs

When you require assistance with IT strategy, budgeting, or roadmap planning, STG Infotech offers on-demand Virtual CIO (vCIO) support. Their vCIO service provides expert advice and guidance tailored to address your specific IT-related challenges. Whether you need help with a specific problem or are looking to scale up quickly, their vCIO service will ensure you have the necessary expertise at your disposal.

Cloud Management (SaaS): Seamless Access to Data Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s remote work environment, it is crucial to have remote access to company data. STG Infotech specializes in cloud management services, ensuring that your company’s data is securely accessible from anywhere. As Microsoft and Google partners, they have extensive experience in administering and managing cloud-based services, making them the ideal partner for your cloud infrastructure needs.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Minimize Downtime and Productivity Loss

STG Infotech employs monitoring software to provide real-time access and statistics on each computer they support. This proactive approach allows them to address any potential issues before they impact your productivity. Whether you have Macs, PCs, desktops, laptops, servers, or any other devices, STG Infotech’s monitoring tools enable them to resolve issues promptly and efficiently.

Cybersecurity: Protect Your Business from Data Breaches

In an era where cybersecurity threats are prevalent, it is critical for businesses to have robust security measures in place. STG Infotech understands the importance of maintaining stringent security standards. With their Fortune 500 Information Security background, they possess the expertise needed to safeguard your company and client data effectively.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Protecting Your Business from Data Loss

Data is the heart of businesses. Losing critical business data can be detrimental, leading to significant financial losses and potentially irreversible damage to your reputation. That’s why STG Infotech offers robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your business from data loss.

Data Backup: Safeguarding Your Business Assets

STG Infotech understands the importance of regular data backups to ensure the integrity and availability of your business-critical information. They utilize advanced backup technologies to create secure copies of your data, whether it resides in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. By implementing automated and scheduled backups, STG Infotech ensures that your data is protected against accidental deletion, hardware failures, or malicious attacks.

Disaster Recovery: Minimizing Downtime and Ensuring Business Continuity

In the event of a catastrophic event such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, having a robust disaster recovery plan in place is essential. STG Infotech helps businesses develop comprehensive disaster recovery strategies tailored to their specific needs. Their team of experts will assess your business requirements and design a plan that includes backup frequency, recovery time objectives (RTOs), and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Testing and Validation: Ensuring Recovery Readiness

STG Infotech goes beyond just implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions; they understand the importance of testing and validating these systems regularly. Through rigorous testing procedures, they verify the recoverability of your data, ensuring that backups are reliable and can be restored efficiently when needed. Regular testing also allows them to identify any potential issues or vulnerabilities in your recovery processes and make necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

Scalable Solutions: Growing with Your Business

As your business evolves and grows, so do your data backup and disaster recovery needs. STG Infotech provides scalable solutions that can accommodate the increasing volume of data generated by your business. Whether you need to expand storage capacity, enhance backup speeds, or implement more robust recovery options, they will work with you to develop a solution that aligns with your evolving requirements.


When it comes to reliable IT services in Los Angeles, STG Infotech is the go-to partner for businesses of all sizes. Their comprehensive range of managed IT solutions ensures that your technology works for you and not against you. From helpdesk support to proactive cybersecurity planning, STG Infotech has the expertise and knowledge to meet all your IT needs.

Contact STG Infotech today to discover how their innovative solutions can help your business beat the competition by creating deep-dive documentation, ensuring reliability with uptime, offering all-in-one managed IT services, providing predictable and controlled costs, ensuring 24/7 safety, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

With STG Infotech as your strategic partner for IT services in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that your systems are secured and performing at an optimized output. Schedule a free consultation with Stan Kats, Founder and Chief Technologist, today to discuss your IT requirements and see how STG Infotech can help take your business to new heights.

Remember – when it comes to IT services in Los Angeles, choose STG Infotech for unparalleled expertise and exceptional service.

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