Will There Be The Crowded Room Season 2?

The Crowded Room season 2 is one of the most anticipated stories that the audiences are waiting for. This psychological thriller show is inspired by a non-fiction novel titled The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes. The fact that The Crowded Room is loosely based on the cruel murders of Billy Milligan makes it more surprising.

Tom Holland is starring as one of the lead characters in the show. In the series, Danny Sullivan is arrested for his involvement in a shooting that occurred in 1979 in New York City. Danny’s life is explored through a series of interrogations by Rya Goodwin.

The audiences get a look at the incidents that led Danny into his current situation. This show has been really hard work for Tom Holland and he had to take a break from acting. Now let’s explore if The Crowded Room season 2 is happening.

The Crowded Room Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The Crowded Room season 2 is not on the cards. We will not get another season because the show is labelled as a miniseries. These type of show only get one season with a number of episodes that cover the entire story. In the ten-episodes premiered of The Crowded Room, Danny’s journey and life-altering revelation have come to light.

Therefore, we don’t have a release date. The show has been nominated for the 29th Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television. In addition, Goldsman basically revealed that Tom Holland has been “the first and only person” they approached to play Danny in The Crowded Room. 

The Crowded Room Season 2 Release Date

AppleTV+ Called The Crowded Room An ‘Anthology’ Show

The streaming network of The Crowded Room AppleTV+ recently called it as an anthology series. Anthology shows basically have multiple seasons but different storylines and sets of characters. This statement has raised the hopes of the audience for another season with a new story. We are hoping for another season.

Goldsman also said, “[Stan] brings with him his own guilt and the feeling of self-blame, which is so central to this whole piece. I guess, ultimately, it’s about what we blame ourselves for and how important it is to forgive ourselves — and to forgive those around us after that — because this kind of guilt that we carry, this kind of a shame that we carry, that we see in the mirror, is so debilitating.”

Tom Holland Will Most Likely Not Return In The Crowded Room Season 2

As we mentioned earlier, Tom Holland will most likely not be a part of another season of The Crowded Room. Tom revealed that he would be a little hesitant to return even though he loved making the show. His statement reads, “Crowded Room kind of offered everything that I was looking for. I’d never say never to do TV again. I’d be lying if I said that The Crowded Room didn’t absolutely break me. So I’d be a little bit hesitant getting back into it. But I’m really proud of the final result.”

The Crowded Room Spin-Off Talks

Though we will not get another season, there are possibilities of a spin-off show. Akiva Goldsman talked about having Christopher Abbott as Stan and Amanda Seyfried as Rya in a story. “I too had this reaction to Chris Abbott, who comes in late to the show. You’re just like, ‘Well, now I just want to watch a show about him and Amanda solving low-stakes murder mysteries in New York.” If a spin-off happens, we will most likely see more murder mysteries in New York with Stand and Rya!


The Crowded Room season 2 might not happen but the possibility of a spin-off and an anthology series is open. The show has definitely grabbed the attention of the audience and they would most likely love watching more murder mysteries. What are your thoughts on The Crowded Room? Did you like the show? Let us know in the comment box below!


1. Is The Crowded Room Season 2 Trailer Released?

Nope! This is because The Crowded Room is a limited show and will not have another season. 

2. How Many Episodes In The Crowded Room Season 2?

The Crowded Room season 2 is not on the cards because the show is a limited series. 

3. Is The Crowded Room A Limited Series?

Yes!! At the time of release, The Crowded Room has been labelled as a limited series comprising of 10 episodes. 

4. Is Crowded Room Based On A True Story?

It will be surprising to know but The Crowded Room show is loosely based on a story of Billy Milligan.

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