Why You Should Face a Criminal Charge with a Defense Attorney in Jersey City

Are you facing criminal charges in Jersey City? If so, you need a reliable defense lawyer to advocate for your interests. Prosecutors and police will do everything to get you convicted. Meanwhile, jury members and members will look into the facts impartially. Only a criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C. will protect your best interests. They will educate you about your rights and obligations as well as help you understand their practical implications. As they negotiate with the prosecutor, they seek a favorable result for you. 

When you engage with a defense lawyer, they will seize all opportunities to fight your case. They may seek to have the criminal charges dismissed, get a favorable plea, get you into a state diversionary program, or represent you in trial. 

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do for You

The criminal justice system in New Jersey is complex. After being charged with a crime, you don’t go to trial right away. Depending on the charges you are facing, you may need to appear at several hearings about pretrial detention or release, hearings on diversionary program eligibility, a first appearance in court, and pre-arraignment conferences. Your attorney will make sure you understand what to expect at every step in the state’s criminal justice process. Often, they will speak on your behalf, making sure your intentions are stated while protecting your rights. 

In addition, your criminal defense lawyer will investigate the case of the prosecution against you and collect their own evidence. Then, they will devise a defense strategy to obtain the best outcome for you. 

Why You Should Not Appear in Court Without an Attorney

In criminal court, you can choose to represent yourself; however, this is a bad idea. Regardless of your innocence or the strength of your case, you may not understand the laws and rules of evidence. When you go to court, you will be up against a trained and experienced prosecutor. If you lose the case, you go to jail right away and complete your sentence there or file an appeal. 

A dependable defense attorney knows what the prosecution must prove to get you convicted. They can assess the case against you and find weaknesses in the case of the prosecutor. If the prosecution knows they have a weak case against you, they may offer to sentence suspension, which means that the sentence won’t be applied unless you will be arrested again. Also, your attorney is aware of programs you can get into to avoid trial.  

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