Why Custom Phone Numbers Are Good For the Legal Industry

When potential clients see your billboard or hear your radio jingle, they only have a few seconds to register your contact info. A memorable number can make an immense difference in your marketing results.

Rather than settle for the generic number doled out by your carrier, invest in a local or toll-free vanity phone number that will set you apart from the competition. 

Easy to Remember

If you’re running a business, you know that your phone number is your most important marketing asset. It is the first thing potential clients see on your website, ads, business cards, and company vehicles. A premium vanity phone number is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition, draw attention to your company, and increase the likelihood that prospects will remember how to contact you.

Vanity numbers are easy to remember because they spell out words, phrases, or keywords that reflect your brand, industry, or services. In addition, they often contain mnemonic devices that make it easier for customers to recall the number. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS is an effective vanity number because it incorporates the name of a popular flower shop. Similarly, numbers that spell out specific products or services, such as 1-800-LAWYERS or 1-800-JURY-WIN, are also very effective.

With a legal vanity phone number from company such as RingBoost, you can easily stand out in your field, connect better with your target audience, and improve your marketing ROI. We offer a wide selection of exclusive, memorable custom phone numbers to boost your firm’s brand awareness and credibility. 

Easy to Communicate

Whether you are advertising on your website, billboards, or in your local newspaper, a custom phone number is key for driving potential clients to your firm. A personalized phone number helps people remember and find your firm, so they can call for more information or to schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

With most law firms relying on paid marketing, they must stand out with a unique and memorable phone number that will increase the ROI of their advertising spend. A custom vanity phone number is the perfect way to do that. Vanity numbers are easy to communicate and remember, leading to more calls from prospective customers. In addition, a vanity phone number will create an instantaneous brand and make the company seem more established to new prospects. Choosing the right vanity phone number for your legal firm can help improve recall rates, increase marketing response rates, and help your firm grow. With so many attorneys competing for the same customers, your law firm must stand out with a custom phone number and memorable branding to increase your odds of getting more clients.

Easy to Market

In the legal industry, it’s a well-known fact that winning new clients is essential to business success. This is why law firms nationwide spend billions on advertising, marketing, and promotion each year to bring in more business. One of the most effective strategies for a law firm is to invest in a unique, brandable, and memorable vanity phone number that stands out from competitors.

Whether your firm runs billboards, digital ads, TV commercials, or radio spots, a memorable custom phone number is a surefire way to draw in more calls and boost the return on investment from all your advertising campaigns. This is because potential clients are much more likely to recall and dial your number than a random set of digits that doesn’t identify what your practice does.

Most companies offer a large bank of exclusive and brandable toll-free vanity numbers ready to use. We also provide local numbers that can help you connect with your target audience in a more specific and regional manner. For example, we can route calls from injured victims to lawyers in their area specializing in injury law. With a wide selection of numbers available, we’re confident you can find a vanity number to make your law firm stand out.

Easy to Track

A custom number allows you to track your marketing and sales leads. It also makes it easy to keep your personal and business communications separate and improve work-life balance. This is important because people have short attention spans, and standing out with your advertising can take time and effort. Custom numbers are easy for online lead generation and phone or text message responses, making connecting your marketing campaigns across channels easier. They also project an image of being well-established and successful, increasing your response rates to your ads and marketing campaigns.

Vanity numbers are easy to recognize and are often based on words, making them easy for your audience to remember. They can also be repeated throughout your advertising and messaging, reinforcing the brand or slogan of your business. Using a custom phone number also helps you maintain responsive customer communication, even when your attorneys work remotely or in different time zones. With a platform, you can have a single line for business calls, text messages, and meetings. This is perfect for law firms communicating with their clients, vendors, and employees across continents.

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