What’s New and Exciting in the Latest UEI Student Portal Update

Introduction to the UEI Student Portal

Welcome to the UEI Student Portal! The portal is a one-stop shop for all of your student needs, from finding course information to registering for classes.

Since the portal’s launch in fall 2016, we’ve made updates and additions to make it easier and more user-friendly for you. In this update, we’re introducing a redesigned login screen, new course listings, and an updated advising system. Here are some of the highlights:

Login Screen

The new login screen is sleek and modern. You can now easily find your courses, degree programs, and other information in one place. We’ve also added a tutorial so you can get started right away.

Course Listings

We want you to be able to find the classes that interest you most. So we’ve updated our course listing to include more detailed information about each class, such as lecture times and materials required. Plus, we now allow you to filter courses by subject area or campus location.

Advising System

Our updated advising system provides deeper insights into your student experience. You can now see which students have already enrolled in your desired course, as well as how many credits they need for success. And if you have any questions about enrolling in a course or getting help with homework, our advisors are available 24/7 via chat or phone!

Updates and Improvements to the UEI Student Portal

In the latest update to the UEI Student Portal, we’ve added new features and made a number of improvements. Highlights include:

-A redesigned navigation bar that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
-An updated student directory that includes more information about each student, such as course registration, grades, and contact information.
-The ability to add new courses and submit coursework electronically from your enrolled students’ My UEI accounts.
-Additional enhancements to the calendar and notes sections of the portal.

We hope you enjoy these updates and appreciate the improved functionality they provide!

New Features Added to the UEI Student Portal

The UEI Student Portal is a one-stop shop for all your academic needs. This latest update includes a variety of new features, such as the ability to create and edit your course schedule, view your grades and transcripts, and add/drop classes without having to contact the registrar’s office. In addition, you can now join or create student organizations, find housing options on campus, and more! Check out the full list of new features and updates below:

New Features Added to the UEI Student Portal
-Create and Edit Your Course Schedule: You can now easily create and edit your course schedule online! This is great for students who need to adjust their class schedules frequently or those who are trying to get ahead on their schoolwork.
-View Your Grades and Transcripts: You can now view your grades and transcripts online in a neat summary format. This is helpful if you need to see how well you are doing overall or if you need to appeal a grade that you did not feel was correct.
-Add/Drop Classes Without Contacting the Registrar’s Office: Now you can add or drop classes without having to contact the registrar’s office! This is great for students who want to take more classes or change their schedule without waiting long periods of time.
-Join or Create Student Organizations: You can now join or create student organizations on campus! This is an excellent way to connect with other students on campus and share common interests.


We’ve updated the UEI Student Portal with some great new features and updates! These include: a redesigned student portal home page, a new registration process, improved navigation and more. Check it out now and let us know what you think!

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