What opportunities Aberrus boost gives the player

Everyone who has been playing for a long time is familiar with the term Aberrus Boost. The game involves complex battles, passing dungeon levels in a short period of time. In the process of fighting the bosses players gain experience in combat, get points, accumulate additional points. These help him get a higher rank, improve his health, or get a new profession. Those who can not pass any level may need additional power, or third-party help.

How boosting is used by World of WarCraft players

Boosting refers to help, or boosting. Boosting in the game can be applied in different forms. This can be a help and joint passing through a dungeon as part of a team of experienced players who have already successfully coped with the task at this stage of the game. Such players are called boosters. Boosters, as a rule, take one or more less experienced players with them. It is necessary to pay with them with all sorts of game values – gold, weapons, armor, magic values.

There is an option to use special services boosting. To do this at the sites of these services will need to register and get a personal account. After registration is available one of the packages, which involves boosting up to a certain level. Use boosting can any player at any level. All achievements and trophies that can be earned and obtained as a result of boosting, stored, and can be used in the further game.

Today the creators offer another option – Aberrus the Shadow Crucible boost.

What is the new service and what opportunities opens

Boosting through the Aberrus boost is an opportunity to increase the strength and power through the growth of the level of artifacts and available talents up to level 75. Previously, talents that the player did not use remained unnecessary, or were simply removed. Today, through the unused talents the player gets new ones. With these he strengthens his health, increases the crushing power of his blows, and strengthens his armor.

The possibilities of Aberrus the Shadow Crucible are very versatile. The path through the crucible consists of three levels. On the first level the player can increase the level of his artifact. On the second level the participant has to choose their path on one of the branches – the power of Light or the power of Darkness. On each branch there are six options for the properties that the relic is endowed with. The possible variation is determined randomly. Here the participant has no choice. At this stage, the warrior can advance up to level 60.

The third level is the choice of the second property of the relic, which will incline the hero to the power of Light or the power of Darkness. The characteristics and features of the choice made will be displayed in the branch that the participant chose in the previous stage. Whichever path of advancement he chooses, it will lead him to success in any case.

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