What is an NDA Example?

NDA template is a legal agreement that prohibits anyone from sharing information. Confidential information is specified in the contract. It also defines trade secrets and other information that may include personal information.

This agreement prohibits the recipient party from disclosing any confidential information. It does not have an end date unless it is specified in the document. But, if a person signs the agreement as a condition of employment, it is best to check the laws of the state where the disclosing party is located.

A non-disclosure agreement helps in different situations. It is required when two organizations enter into a discussion about doing business together, but want to protect their interests and the details of the transaction. 

There are times when companies require a new employee to sign such an agreement if they will have access to confidential company information. 

Such agreements can be used prior to negotiations between the company looking for funding and potential investors. In this case, such an agreement serves to prevent competitors from getting their commercial ideas and plans.

How to Draw up a Non-Disclosure Agreement

You can fill in an NDA sample or write a non-disclosure agreement yourself. There are some standard clauses that should be included in the document:

  1. Disclosure of information about the parties. The contract should begin by identifying the parties. 
  2. Confidential information. Once the parties have been identified, it must be stated that this contract protects confidential information. This can be trade secrets, business ventures, creative efforts. Any amount of confidential information can be specified in the agreement. 
  3. Exceptions. This clause specifies what information this agreement does not protect. For example, it could be information that is already in the public domain or to which the other party already has access before this agreement.
  4. Non-disclosure obligations. This is the main part of this agreement. It sets out the receiving party’s obligations in relation to the disclosing party’s information. There will be several clauses in this section. 
  5. Terms of validity. In the NDA agreement between employee and employer, you need to specify how long it will be in force. The time frame includes the start date of the promise to keep the information confidential and the duration. Usually the parties agree on the duration of the agreement. 
  6. Jurisdiction. This clause sets out the laws of the particular state that will govern the agreement. Therefore, you need to understand the laws of your state when writing the agreement. Some states do not follow certain provisions of the NDA. 
  7. Signature. At the end of each agreement there must be signatures of the parties and all the representatives. The representatives are others who can share, receive and protect information during the transaction. 
  8. Additional clauses. You can also include consequences for breach of agreement, amendments, severability and lack of license.

Once you have completed all the points in the NDA agreement templates, it will be ready. The main thing is to write it well and with restraint, so that it is clear what the agreement is about. It is better to use special templates that will simplify the writing process and avoid mistakes. 

A template is a sample that you can follow to create your own agreement. It can contain general legal information and fields that you can fill in. This will create a unique NDA agreement between the two parties.

What are the Consequences of Breaching the Non-Disclosure Agreement

If one party breaches the agreement, it is possible to be subject to the consequences that are set out in the contract. Breach of contract is not a crime, but depending on what is violated, it could be. Usually in such a case the person will be sued – this will result in a monetary fine, dismissal or return of the asset. It all depends on what the contract was about.

Drafting Contracts with Pandadoc 

You can find the right template for writing an agreement in Pandadoc. It is a modern tool for working in offices, large companies. You can create documents on the platform and sign right there, as it is possible to enter an electronic signature. It is very easy to use the platform – it has simple navigation, so even a beginner will quickly identify the section they need to work on. All the tools for writing an agreement are on the workspace. So it takes a few minutes to create the most important documents. You can save them directly on the platform in a special repository. To work in the programme, you need to do a quick registration and buy the necessary toolkit. The advantage of the service is that it provides a trial period of 14 days. During this time, users can use the tools they want, so they can understand how the software works and how easy it is to use for complex tasks.

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