What Is a Buyer’s Agent and What Do They Do?

A buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate professional who represents the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction. Their primary role is to guide and assist homebuyers through the entire process of purchasing a property. This includes understanding the buyer’s needs, finding suitable properties, offering market insights, advising on offers, negotiating terms, and navigating through contract deadlines and closing procedures​​​​.

The Role of a Buyer’s Agent

Property Search: Buyer’s agents in Melbourne assist in finding properties that match the buyer’s criteria, including accessing listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and sometimes off-market properties​​.

Market Advice: They provide valuable insights into local market conditions, pricing strategies, and offer objective advice, especially useful for first-time homebuyers​​.

Viewing Properties: They join buyers at showings and open houses, providing expertise and insights into the property’s condition, taxes, and more​​.

Offer and Negotiation: Buyer’s agents help determine an appropriate offer price based on comparative market analysis and negotiate with the seller or their agent on behalf of the buyer​​.

Professional Networking: They refer buyers to other necessary professionals such as real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and mortgage brokers, and handle communications with these parties​​.


Interestingly, the buyer’s agent is typically compensated through a commission paid by the seller from the proceeds of the home sale. This arrangement generally means there’s no direct cost to the buyer for the services of a buyer’s agent. In most cases, the commission is about 6% of the home’s sales price, split between the buyer’s agent, the listing agent, and their respective brokerages​​​​.

Pros and Cons of Working with a Buyer’s Agent


Representation of Interests: A buyer’s agent is dedicated to protecting the buyer’s best interests, including price negotiation and transaction smoothness​​.

Expertise: They bring expertise and knowledge in real estate transactions, which can be particularly helpful for first-time buyers​​.

Spotting Potential Issues: Buyer’s agents can identify red flags in properties and contracts, protecting the buyer from potential pitfalls​​.


Agency Agreement: Some agents require a buyer’s agency agreement, locking the buyer into working exclusively with them​​.

Finding the Right Fit: It can be challenging to find an agent whose expertise and personality align with the buyer’s needs​​.

Limited Seller Knowledge: Buyer’s agents might not have extensive knowledge about the latest listings on the seller side, potentially limiting options​​.


A buyer’s agent is a vital ally in the home buying process, especially for those unfamiliar with real estate transactions. Their expertise, negotiation skills, and dedication to the buyer’s interests can greatly facilitate the process and contribute to a successful transaction. While there are some drawbacks, such as the potential for exclusive agreements and the challenge of finding the right agent, the benefits often outweigh these considerations.

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