What happened To Notti Osama? Where is Notti Osama Now?

Notti Osama, the rising star of Sky Bri’s music scene, once held a promising future in his hands. But suddenly, he disappeared from the public eye without any explanation. Fans were left wondering what happened to their favorite artist and where he could be now. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Notti Osama’s mysterious disappearance and explore what might have happened to him. So sit tight and get ready for some intrigue as we uncover the truth behind Notti Osama’s whereabouts!

What is Notti Osama?

Notti Osama is a young rapper and singer hailing from Sky Bri, known for his unique style and catchy beats. He first gained popularity with his debut single “Money Talk,” released in 2019. The song quickly went viral on social media platforms, leading to Notti being signed by a major record label.

Notti’s music is characterized by its blend of trap, hip-hop, and R&B genres. His lyrics often touch on themes such as love, money, and the struggles of urban life. Despite his relatively short career in the music industry so far, Notti has already collaborated with several big-name artists.

Aside from his musical talents, Notti has also gained attention for his fashion sense and distinctive hairstyle – he’s often seen sporting colorful hairdos that perfectly match his vibrant personality.

Notti Osama is an up-and-coming artist who holds immense promise within Sky Bri’s booming music scene.

What happened to Notti Osama?

Notti Osama, also known as Sky Bri or Yvng Swag, is a young American rapper and dancer who gained popularity for his unique style of music and dance moves. He initially became famous on social media platforms like Vine and Instagram before transitioning into the music industry.

However, Notti Osama’s career took an unexpected turn when he was arrested in 2019 for possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. This led to his incarceration in federal prison.

During this time, there were rumors about his release from prison after serving his sentence. Some speculated that he would return to the music scene stronger than ever before. However, these speculations were put to rest when it was reported that he had been deported back to Nigeria due to immigration issues.

As of now, not much is known about Notti Osama’s current whereabouts or what he has been up to since being deported. His fans are left wondering if they will ever get new music or content from him again.

Despite the uncertain future surrounding Notti Osama’s career, one thing remains certain: his fans continue to support him no matter where life takes him next.

Where is Notti Osama now?

After the disappearance of Notti Osama, many people have been wondering where he is now. Some speculate that he might be living a low-key life in his native country, while others think that he could have gone underground.

There are some reports claiming that Notti Osama was spotted in various countries around the world, including Dubai and Malaysia. However, these reports are unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s also worth noting that Notti Osama has been known to keep a low profile even before his disappearance. He rarely made public appearances or gave interviews, which makes it difficult to track down his whereabouts.

Regardless of where Notti Osama is right now, one thing is for sure: his music continues to inspire and influence many people around the world. His legacy lives on through his songs and the impact they had on Malaysian hip-hop culture.

Only time will tell if we’ll ever find out what happened to Notti Osama or where he is now.


Notti Osama was a rising star in the rap world before he suddenly disappeared from the limelight. Despite rumors and speculation about his whereabouts, no concrete evidence has surfaced to indicate where he might be or what he might be doing now.

While it’s possible that Notti Osama may return to music someday, for now, fans can only hope that he is safe and pursuing whatever path in life makes him happy.

As we’ve seen throughout this article, there are many theories about what happened to Notti Osama and where he is today. While much of this speculation may never be confirmed or denied, one thing remains clear: Notti’s impact on the rap industry will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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