What happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

Have you ever heard of the notorious website IsAnyoneUp, which was once infamous for posting revenge porn content? It was run by Hunter Moore, who gained both fame and notoriety through his creation. However, the site suddenly vanished from the internet without any warning or explanation. So what happened to IsAnyoneUp? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rise and fall of Hunter Moore’s controversial website and explore why it disappeared from cyberspace. Get ready to uncover all the juicy details!

What is Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

Hunter Moore’s infamous website, IsAnyoneUp.com, was taken down on April 3rd of this year. The website hosted a forum where users could anonymously post pictures of themselves in order to see if anyone they know is online. According to The Verge, the site made its way past child pornography laws by hiding the faces of those posting images. In order to keep going, Moore needed to receive a no-action letter from law enforcement agencies acknowledging that the site does not contain any illicit material. However, despite repeated requests from various news organizations, Moore has yet to provide this letter.

Is Anyone Up was first created in 2009 as an anonymous social networking service for students at Carnegie Mellon University. At its peak, the website had over 150 million registered users and generated over $35 million in revenue according to Forbes. In early April of this year, however, reports surfaced that law enforcement had obtained a warrant to seize all servers associated with the website. As of now it is unclear what will happen to the website and its millions of user profiles.

How did Hunter Moore make his millions?

Hunter Moore made his millions by running a website that posted the personal email addresses of people who subscribed to his mailing list. He then charged people for access to these emails, which he claimed were valuable resources for business entrepreneurs. When it was revealed that Moore was using this information to spam people, many of his subscribers withdrew their support and he quickly lost money. In 2011, Moore was found guilty of violating the CAN-SPAM Act and paid a $250,000 fine.

What happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

After years of controversy and legal battles, Hunter Moore’s infamous IsAnyoneUp website has been taken offline. The website was used to solicit nude photos from anonymous users, which led to multiple lawsuits and significant media attention. In July of 2014, a federal court ruled that Moore must face 10 counts of illegal distribution of indecent images of minors. Shortly after, the site was taken down by its hosting company.

Moore has consistently denied any involvement in the site’s operation, but his innocence may not be enough to save him from prison. According to reports, he faces a potential sentence of over 20 years in prison if convicted on all charges. Although Moore’s website is gone for now, the legal battle over its fate is far from over.


After being taken down by a copyright claim filed by the owners of the images and videos on Hunter Moore’s website, is anybody up? The short answer is no. In an age where anyone can post anything online with little consequence, it’s difficult to imagine what could have caused such an uproar over something as trivial as pictures and videos of people having fun. Perhaps Moore was naive in thinking that his website would be immune from legal action, or maybe he just didn’t anticipate how easily content can be taken down. Whatever the reason may be, Moore’s website is gone for good.

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