What are the Best Aromatherapy Oils for Stress and Anxiety?

Have you heard good things about aromatherapy? Using essential oils is something that is becoming popular because people are realizing just how beneficial they can be for improving their mood and mental health. From helping you to manage pain and discomfort to improving your quality of sleep. There are a range of reasons why you can benefit from using aromatherapy oils.

In particular, if you suffer from stress and anxiety regularly, you definitely want to consider using aromatherapy oils. This can be highly beneficial to use in your routine, helping to bring down your stress response and anxiety levels. But, if you are new to using aromatherapy oils, you might not know what the best ones to use are. Well, there are a few that stand out for stress and anxiety. So, let’s take a look at what they are.


Let’s start with one of the easiest essential oils you can use. We are talking about lavender. This one is popular since people love the smell and how relaxing it can be. Indeed, this is what makes it so great if you are stressed or anxious. It is have to reduce your racing thoughts and help to calm you down. Thus, it has relaxing and calming effects, which can allow you to deal with your stress and anxiety when they get to a bad level.

In addition, lavender is said to help you improve your quality of sleep. People that are stressed all the time, can have trouble sleeping at night. You can have a lot on your mind and this can keep you awake. Using lavender essential oil before bedtime might be able to help you. In particular, using essential oils during a massage treatment can be good for stress and anxiety. Do you want to know more about this? Click on aromatherapy massage: understanding the benefits. You can read this blog post for yourself and see whether this can be advantageous to you.


This next essential oil is quite interesting. People know geranium for smelling good. It is often described as being fruity, with hints of citrus. Indeed, it might help you feel good and improve your mood. But, what makes it interesting is how it can help people with anxiety. In particular, there have been studies that suggest geranium is able to lower your diastolic blood pressure. In turn, this can help you feel more relaxed and normal when you are feeling anxious.

Therefore, this sweet and floral essential oil might be good when you feel like your anxiety is taking over. You can help to calm your symptoms in a new way, which can help you cope when you are overwhelmed. It is easy to just let your anxiety take over your life. But, small things like this might help you manage on a day-to-day basis.


An essential oil that often divides people is valerian root. It has been used for many years as a mild sedative. But, it is a woody scent that not everybody likes. People say you will either love it or hate it. The best way is to try it for yourself. In particular, if you have anxiety, this might help you to come down a level. But, it might be one that you prefer to enjoy at night. Since it can be a mild sedative, this means that you can feel sleepy. So, you feel relaxed, but you can get tired.

Therefore, if you want to help anxiety and also be in the right mood to fall asleep, you can try valerian. This essential oil might be enjoyable in a diffuser in your bedroom. This way, you can be calmer and more relaxed, avoiding racing thoughts or feeling overwhelmed just before you go to sleep.


If you are ever shopped for tea, you will know that chamomile is a popular type. Indeed, it is recommended that is recommended before bed and to help you get a better sleep. This is because of its calming properties and the same can apply to essential oils. This can be one that you use to feel more relaxed and ease any stress you are feeling.

So, add chamomile to your list of essential oils to try. Let’s not forget that when you are positive and feel like something is going to work, this is going to help. Thus, believe that chamomile is the answer and you can feel like it is going to solve all of your problems.

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