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Ways to Tell If Your Commercial Roof Needs Fixing

Your commercial roof is important for making your building comfortable. But if the roof is damaged, it could lead to energy spikes and costly repairs. Commercial property owners can prevent major roofing problems by regularly evaluating the condition of their property’s roof. Look for the following signs that your commercial roof needs repair.


Many commercial property owners spend little time thinking about the roof on their property, but it needs to be maintained just like any other part of the building. Regularly walking your property and checking for signs that your roof needs repair can help you save money on repairs. The most common sign that you have a problem with your commercial roof is mold growth. Mold usually starts as fuzzy white spots that can turn green, blue, gray, orange, or black and has a musty smell. It can affect the air quality and be hazardous to your health, so removing the mold as soon as you notice it is important.

One indication that your roof requires repair is when the metal flashing becomes rusted or dislodged. The flashing is responsible for protecting seams where different levels of the roof meet and lines chimneys, vents, and roofing ridges. If there‚Äôs any rusty, dislodged, or missing flashing, it’s time to call a professional for a commercial roof repair near me.

Water Leaks

Commercial property owners have many responsibilities and tasks to handle. Rent payments, general maintenance, and other factors often prevent them from regularly walking the property to spot damage. But ignoring even minor roofing problems can lead to major headaches in the long run and hefty repair bills. Water leaks are among the most common signs that a commercial roof needs repair. These usually indicate an issue with a seal, flashing, or membrane. If left unchecked, a leaky roof will result in water seepage through the ceiling and into the interior of the building. Roofing companies Kansas City can provide expert assistance in promptly addressing these issues and ensuring the longevity of your commercial roof.

Another clear indicator that it’s time for a commercial roof repair is a sagging roof. It can be caused by moisture accumulation or too many layers of shingle material. A sagging commercial roof should be repaired quickly to avoid structural damage. Lastly, high energy bills indicate that a commercial roof needs repair. The roof is responsible for regulating the temperature in the building, so a damaged one will let heat escape when it should be kept inside.

Loose Edge Metal

When a commercial roof is loose, it can be quite dangerous. Many catastrophic commercial roof blow-offs during high winds result from losing perimeter edge metal. During your regular roof inspections (using proper safety precautions), try grabbing one of the edges of the metal and gently jiggling it. If it is loose, it is time for a repair. It is also a good opportunity to check the condition of the flashing. Flashing is material added to prevent moisture from entering joints or additions to a roof, such as pipes, chimneys, or valleys. It is often the source of leaks in a metal roof and requires a careful inspection to be sure it is intact.

Other signs that a commercial roof needs repair include mold spots on the ceiling and musty or stale odors in the building. These are unsightly and can be a health hazard for employees or customers. Keeping up with commercial roof repairs is much more practical than replacing the whole structure and will help your business save money in the long run.

Clogged Drains

Commercial property managers often need to pay more attention to roof maintenance until problems arise. However, spotting signs of wear and tear can help prevent serious damage. One of the most clear-cut indicators that you need a commercial roof repair is clogged drains. These can be caused by several factors, including cooking ingredients that aren’t supposed to go down the drain, flushing paper products (like tampons, towels, and excessive toilet paper) or simply from heavy rainfall and storms that wash away debris or cause breaks in the drain system. When your commercial roof’s drains are clogged, the water cannot exit through the pipes properly and may even back up into rooms in the building. It can cause several problems, such as mold and mildew, that can impact the health of your tenants and employees. In addition, ponding water can compress insulation and rot parts of the building structure made from wood or metal.


While commercial roofing tends to have a longer lifespan than residential roofs, it’s not impervious to damage. Even with regular inspections and maintenance, a commercial roof will need repair over time. Cracks, blistering, and bald spots are signs of roof damage. Several issues, such as incorrect installation or debris build-up, may need to be corrected. Addressing these early before they worsen and cause further problems is important. If you see marks from water on the ceiling or walls, it means a roof leak. Moisture infiltrating the roof can wreak havoc with the insulation and lead to mold growth. It is not only unhealthy for the building’s occupants, but it can also trigger asthma episodes in sensitive individuals. While re-roofing a commercial property can be costly, it’s essential to identify and address small issues before they worsen. By recognizing the seven signs that your commercial roof needs repair, you can avoid more extensive (and expensive) repairs down the line. Contacting a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your commercial property at your earliest convenience is recommended.

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