Unveiling Your Heritage: Where to Find DNA Testing Services Near You

There are several personal or legal reasons why people used to search for DNA testing near me. Without going in depth into the personal matters let suggest an appropriate way of getting DNA tests done into your localized or nearby area. In most of the cases, it needs a physical involvement of the patient who has to visit and wait in queue to get it done. But, there are still ways where you can get DNA reports without going into a medical clinic or diagnostic center. It is possible with the help of DNA testing services which have tie up with large hospitals to serve you online medical facility.

Steps involved in DNA testing center:

Before sending blood samples for DNA report, it is mandatory acquire basic knowledge involved in the process of DNA testing:

  • Specimen collection: If you are choosing an option for online service, a DNA kit would be sent to your address from which you can fill the sampling kits with the help of a professional medical practitioner.
  • DNA Extraction: The DNA kit has to be sent back again to the address for completing the DNA extraction procedure. Certified professionals will extract DNA samples for DNA testing.
  • Statistical analysis: The doctor will compare the report of the allele sizes from 21 chromosomes to check if the DNA matched or not. The report will confirm the biological relationship of the given samples in the kit.
  • Receipt of report: The diagnostic test report for DNA testing would be sent on the email I’d given at the time of registration. Patients can opt to receive offline reports by courier services to their home. The overall step is better than searching for DNA testing near me as it saves time. It also avoids the physical involvement of going into hospital.

Type of DNA testing services:

Basically DNA test is done either for personal evaluation to keep records or for any legal cases to present in court. The DNA testing services differ in both the cases in the following way.

  • Legal DNA test: This test holds the valid license of DNA testing and can be presented in court. It gives a confirmation regarding the family relationship for mother, father, sibling, grandparents and twins. Different categories of legal DNA tests include paternity and maternity DNA test, Twin Zygosity DNA Test, Postmortem DNA Test, Self DNA Test etc. The charges of legal DNA test are comparatively high based upon home DNA test.
  • Home DNA test: This test is the same as a legal DNA test but here the patient doesn’t get any license to display the diagnostic report in court. Directly saying, Home DNA tests can’t be shown in court. It is ideal for those who want to know their own DNA sequencing report for self satisfaction. In this test, DNA kits are sent to home and the patient has to load the sample in the kit and send it back again to the same address to get the sample diagnosed for DNA testing.
  • Alternative DNA test: Instead of searching for DNA testing near me. The patients can try an alternative method of DNA testing. In this method buccal cells are replaced from the inner cheek with the help of cotton swabs and sent for sample analysis. There are other several ways of swapping DNA out using different specimens. Some of the DNA collection methods include garment stain, hair follicle stain, teeth, semen, fingernails, condoms, tooth brush, ear swaps, mucus etc.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. How to find the best DNA testing near me ?

It all depends on which location you live. If the nearby location in your area has a good diagnostic center then you can go there for testing. But, if you don’t want to put any effort from your side and want everything to take over from DNA testing services then opting for an online medical facility from reputed hospitals can too help in DNA analysis.

2. What samples are given for DNA testing?

DNA is present in the nucleus of a cell. It can therefore be diagnosed from any cell of the body. Most commonly samples from garment stain, hair follicle stain, teeth, semen, fingernails, condoms, tooth brush, ear swaps, mucus etc. are given for analysis.

3. How much does it cost to have your DNA taken?

The cost difference is based on which type of test you want to go for. For example, legal DNA tests cost higher in comparison to home DNA tests. The price for a legal DNA test ranges from $250 to $1999 depending on the test category. Similarly, for home DNA tests the price ranges from $250 to $350. However, the charges may vary based on the type of facilities opt for DNA analysis.

4. Which type of relationship can be confirmed using DNA testing?

Most commonly paternity (father to child), maternity (mother to child), grandparents, brothers and sister relationship can be confirmed using DNA testing. In criminal cases, DNA testing of rape victims can too be confirmed using the semen analysis. 

Final Words:

It is always advised to go for trusted services while opting for any medical service facility. Even after searching DNA testing near me will make you confused about where to go for diagnosis. For these reasons, online medical DNA testing services from licensed hospitals can do the job of collecting DNA samples and providing testing reports. It is highly recommended to go for quality service for getting satisfactory medical reports. Displaying data from trusted medical facilities can prove to be a valid point in your legal case.

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