Top 10 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia with Kids

Performing an Umrah pilgrimage with family members is a complete experience. Nowadays, pilgrims tend to go on spiritual journeys with kids. The purpose is to introduce Islamic culture and rituals to kids

The best part is that Umrah package also facilitate family pilgrimage for all ages. So, plan your family pilgrimage now with kids and put some effort into Islamic learning for your children.

However, if you are thinking about kid’s essentials or entertainment options during the journey, don’t worry. Saudi Arabia is a diverse land ready to entertain children in unique ways.

To more, Umrah travel plans also try to enhance your experience and let you engage in kid-friendly activities. Following is a list of ways you can try to do a family adventure in Saudi Arabia within budget.

10 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia with Kids

Undertaking the Umrah journey with family and kids is a complete experience. You become able to get the most out of your spiritual trip when you try to teach your kids about Islamic rituals. No doubt, it’s a transformative journey for you and your family for sure.

To make it even more special, Chicago Umrah package contribute to your efforts. They provide you with comfortable living, kid-friendly essentials, and navigation ease so that you can focus on spirituality. The same goes with cheap travel options as well like the 10 Nights 4 star Umrah package.

In Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to worry about things to do as a family adventure. You don’t have to think about what things to do with kids. Saudi Arabia covers you all the way.

To get an idea, go through the following activities you can try with kids while during the pilgrimage.

1. Visit the Riyadh Zoo

A zoo is like an artificial structure that keeps animals at a safe distance from visitors. Visiting the Zoo is a unique experience for all ages. But kids love the most and try to spot their favorite animals in front of them.

The best part is that your kids can also undertake Zoo adventures during the pilgrimage. In this regard, the Riyadh Zoo is the most popular option out there and it also has a reason.

Firstly, Riyadh is just located at a distance of a couple of hours from Makkah. So, you can easily get there with family and kids in a short time. Secondly, the zoo spans diverse land and a variety of animals.

In fact, Riyadh Zoo provides you with a close-up view of your favorite wildlife. Above all, it’s not only a fun adventure. Rather you can teach your kids about facts of wildlife, their habitat, diversity, and their unique contribution to our ecosystem.

The surrounding offers peaceful moments to families. Kids can enjoy in playgrounds while adults can sit back and reflect on their spiritual gain.

In short, visiting Riyadh Zoo is a short trip, yet it rejoices everyone for sure.

2. Discover the Red Sand Dunes

Riyadh is a common extension of the pilgrimage that pilgrims consider with families. The city offers numerous worthwhile places that you can visit with loved ones. Similarly, these places also let you capture memories of adventure moments.

So, after visiting wildlife in Riyadh, spend some quality time at nearby red sand dunes. Walking through the desert seems interesting for both adults and kids.

The best way to navigate sand is by riding a camel with kids. Though not as fast as electronic rides, camel ride provides a unique experience. This way, you can also teach your kids about ancient modes of transportation.

The best time to explore the red sand dunes is late afternoon when the sky is clear and the surroundings are mild. Under the effect of sunsetting, the place becomes mesmerizing.

3. Explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia

We all know that visiting a museum opens a new door of knowledge to us. The way in which artifacts and displays present the whole background sticks in our minds forever. According to different researchers, visiting a museum strengthens our concepts of historical events.

The same you can experience at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia with kids. Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel for long to visit the museum as it’s part of Riyadh Center.

At a time when you leave desert view, consider walking through the National Museum. It contains everything to display for kids.

Different parts of the museum refer to different eras of the history. Despite all, kids can easily connect with Islamic history there.

4. Spend a Day at Al Shallal Theme Park

After spending a day in Riyadh, consider traveling back to pilgrimage cities. Ensure completing religious goals and offering daily prayers on time. After all, the main purpose of this adventure for pilgrims is to please Allah.

After a day or two, plan a short trip to Jeddah to spot Al Shallal Theme Park there. The Park attracts families and visitors as it offers unique entertainment for all ages. Kids can ride roller coasters and merry-go-rounds while adults can sit back in gardens beside the lake.

Since the whole trip is to have fun, spend a couple of hours there and try different dishes. After that, take a bus ride and travel back to pilgrimage sites.

5. Explore Edge of the World

The giant nature of mountains and cliffs always surprises kids. They want to explore them more often and understand their mystery. Since Saudi Arabia is a hilly land, you can plan a trip to the mountains of Saudi Arabia with kids.

The best place to consider in this regard is the edge of the world. The place is full of rising cliffs and mountain peaks. A great number of visitors also consider exploring the Edge of the world to climb peaks.

Once you are at the peak of the cliff, you’ll see a long stretch of desert across the sight. It seems like the earth ends here and nothing next to it. For children, it’s also a view from another world.

6. Visit Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah

Umrah packages support frequent family tours of pilgrims to nearby cities. These places include Madinah, Riyadh, Taif, and Jeddah. The most accessible one is Jeddah. During your short Dua trip to Jeddah, try spending some quality time at the Fakieh Aquarium.

After visiting the Shallal Theme Park, try water activities at the Fakieh Aquarium. The aquarium is famous for its huge setup and the diversity of life.

For kids, there are interactive sessions and educational guides. In general, it looks like a family adventure but it’s complete learning about the underwater world.

7. Experience Camel Ride

If you are in Saudi Arabia, going for a camel ride is part of your journey. A large geographic area of the kingdom spans deserts. The huge sand dunes, rare plant species, and unique wildlife are associated with desert exploration. With kids, the experience becomes even more relaxing and full of learning.

The best part is that pilgrims with the 10 Nights 4 star Umrah package can also experience camel rides in the place they are living. Skillful guides facilitate camel riding and ensure kids are secure and comfortable. They also consider brief stops frequently so that kids can also discover sand dunes on their feet.

8. Explore the Souks and Markets

Saudi Arabia is famous for its culture and traditional values. Arabs bring their values to life when it comes to trading. So, visiting the Souks and Markets in Saudi Arabia is a unique experience with kids.

Souks are traditional marketplaces where you can find everything organic. Vendors also interact with visitors positively and are ready to serve families and kids with things they want.

Instead of shopping at Malls, introduce traditional trading concepts to your kids at Souks. Also, tell them how these markets are unique and provide quality. They will definitely remember this unique experience.

9. Visit KidZania in Jeddah

KidZania is again another kid-friendly place specially dedicated to children of visitors and pilgrims. The concept of KidZania is interesting. Children experience their target profession practically and get their hands on being doctors, engineers, chefs, or pilots.

These activities are fun and engaging. Being practical with each profession broadens their understanding of each aspect and helps them choose the right one.

As a parent, you also don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety. KidZania provides a comfortable, entertaining, and secure environment to all.

10. Explore the Science and Technology Center

The Science and technology center or Scitech to be short further boosts the learning of kids. It’s the best place to visit during the pilgrimage with kids as it offers multiple hands-on activities.

The center has different sections each one for a specific area of science. For instance, different halls and galleries are unique to space, energy, the human body, and marine life.

So, if your kids feel any concept is interesting, the staff members try to guide them personally to satisfy their curiosity.

Overall, it’s an interactive and entertaining journey. So, if you are planning to perform Umrah with family members and kids, try the above-mentioned activities in Saudi Arabia and enjoy them at best.

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