Top 10 Best Universities in the UK to Get Admission in 2024

Understandably, UK universities have a knack for meeting the highest academic standards and strict evaluation criteria, and they provide excellent research and writing facilities to the students. As you see, the admission season is in full bloom, and students are searching for top universities in the UK to apply to. 

This article explores in detail the list of 10 top-ranked universities in the UK which can prove the best platform for you to get your Master’s or PhD degree. Also, you can learn about the reputation of these universities and select the best institute for yourself after a thorough analysis. 

The Top 10 Universities in the UK 2024 – New Academic Year

The academic ranking of world universities matters the most when students want to pursue the graduate route while studying in London or any other city around. Per top universities, the QS world university rankings are given here: 

University of Cambridge – Ranked #1 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 99.2

University of Oxford – Ranked #2 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 98.9

Imperial College London – Ranked #3 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 97.8

University College London – Ranked #4 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 92.4

The University of Edinburgh – Ranked #5 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 86.1

The University of Manchester – Ranked #6 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 82.2

King’s College London – Ranked #7 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 79.3

London School of Economics and Political Science – Ranked #8 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 76.9

University of Bristol – Ranked #9 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 72.4

University of Warwick – Ranked #10 with an Overall Worldwide QS Ranking of 68.6

Let’s briefly discuss the qualities of these top-rated universities in the UK, along with the accommodation facilities, best courses and learning advantages of these institutes. These universities offer the best research-quality education to international undergraduates to post-grad students for UK degrees. 

1. University of Cambridge

It is the 4th oldest university globally and home to students from 140+ countries. This university has 31 colleges, and 91% of Cambridge-qualified students get their permanent jobs within 15 months of their completion.

Best Courses: BA Economics, BA Law.


 Each Cambridge college provides its own accommodation to the students, and it varies accordingly. You can also go to get rented houses in the middle of the city. 

Advantages of Studying Here:

  • Exceptional academic career
  • Extensive research resources
  • Influential networks
  • One of the top ranking universities in the UK
  • Global reputation

2. University of Oxford

It is the top among the best universities in London for Master’s, PhD and undergrad courses. It is divided into the 4 academic divisions: 

  • Mathematical
  • Physical & Life Sciences
  • Medical Science
  • Social Science

These divisions are further divided into sub-academic disciplines. 

The University of Oxford needs no introduction to the world of academia. All brilliant minds of the UK desire to get admitted to this university. The acceptance criteria of this university are pretty high, too. 

Best Courses: Oxford MBA


This university offers diverse accommodation options, which range from mixed flats to dedicated blocks. You can choose any based on your preferences. 

Advantages of Studying here:

  • Rich historical legacy
  • Interactive intellectual community
  • Brilliant educational experience
  • Fostering life-long connections

3. Imperial College London

It is one of the top UK universities in the world that offers the best research-quality opportunities to students. If you want to study business, you should apply to this college. It is famous for its influential business school associations in the world. Also, Imperial College London has maintained its position in the top 5 Good Universities Ranking by Times. 

The academic quality of this institute is particularly high, so if you need help with your essays, assignments, coursework or dissertations, you should definitely hire dissertation writing services online in the UK to stand out in the competition. 

Best Courses: MBBS, BSc Medicine, MEng Mechanical Engineering


Imperial College London provides 20 halls of residence in Chelsea and South Kensington. First-year students are given priority to such residencies and accommodation units. 

Advantages of Studying here:

  • Renowned teaching facility
  • Academic excellence 
  • Innovative industry experiences
  • Diverse networking prospects

4. University College London

UCL is a public research institute that is ranked highly academically around the globe. Students from 150+ countries pursue a large range of undergrad and postgrad degrees from this university. It has also produced several Nobel Prize winners in the fields of medicine, economics, law and more. 

Best Courses: Law LLB, Science and Technology


First-year and full-time students are given full accommodation opportunities by the university. There are different halls available to students, and they can access different options as well. 

Advantages of Studying Here:

  • Prestigious reputation
  • Vibrant and student-friendly environment
  • Wide industry connection
  • Global alumni network

5. The University of Edinburgh

It is the sixth oldest university in the UK. There are 20 academic schools within these three colleges. It has three colleges: arts, veterinary medicine, humanities and social sciences. Student societies are also abundant in this university, such as theatre societies, sports teams, music societies, etc. 

Best Courses: BA (Hons) Dance, BA (Hons) Contemporary military history


This university provides accommodation to the students as long as they apply by the deadline. The university also provides the students with self-catered and meal-help options. You may sign a contract with the university for the best accommodation opportunities. 

Advantages of Studying here:

  • Brilliant education facilities
  • Availability of computer clusters
  • High employment rate
  • Guaranteed academic success 
  • One of the top universities in the UK for master’s

6. The University of Manchester

This is a public university which is research-oriented and located in Manchester (as the name suggests). It recognises 150+ social responsibility initiatives that making a difference in the academic world. It has a student satisfaction rate of 74% and a graduate employability level of 94%. 

Best Courses: Business, MBA, Marketing


This university is home to thousands of students, and it provides accommodation halls to fresher students on a priority basis. There are different study spaces and lecture halls available to the students on the university premises. 

Advantages of Studying Here:

  • Access to museums, theatres, and art galleries
  • Guaranteed accommodation for international students
  • Networking opportunities with researchers
  • Quality study environment
  • One of the best universities in the UK for a PhD

7. King’s College London

As a student at KCL, you will always have exclusive access to a different range of academic and extracurricular activities. This university is the 7th best university in the UK per the QS ranking in 2024. It has a particularly good reputation in the fields of law, sciences, and humanities. Keats, Virginia Woolf and Thomas Hardy are some of the notable alumni of this college. 

Best Courses: Finance, Anthropology, Biological Sciences


Throughout central London, KCL offers a diverse range of accommodation options for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The rooms are equipped with several facilities, Wi-Fi access, study spaces and shared dining spaces. So, you can choose any option based on your budget. 

Advantages of Studying Here:

  • 180+ courses to choose from
  • Students’ life outside the lectures
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Diverse industry networking opportunities

8. London School of Economics and Political Science

This university is famous for students completing their graduate prospects in social sciences, sociology, law and economics. It was first founded in 1895 and enjoys an outstanding reputation for academic excellence to date. Also, this is one of the top universities in the UK for those who are seeking work in financial sciences. 

Best Courses: B.Sc. Economics


The university ensures that first graders are securely accommodated on the premises of the academic institution. You can even visit the accommodation office to get suitable and affordable housing in the city. 

Advantages of Studying here:

  • Distinguished educational reputation
  • Diverse networking aspects
  • Varying research sources
  • Influential industries and institutes

9. University of Bristol

It is one of the best universities in the UK that provides students with a dynamic life accompanied by an array of extracurricular activities. It caters to the interests of a large number of students. It was first founded in 1876 and continues to serve students to date. Also, the students can get easy access to nearby cities and countryside as well. 

Best Courses: BS Pharmacology and Pharmacy, MS Politics


The University of Bristol offers diverse accommodation options for all types of students. It offers shared and individual residencies to students. They can get social opportunities as well as a couple of budgeting options for the learners. You can pick any that suits your budget well. 

Advantages of Studying here:

  • 150+ exchange partners across the globe
  • Students from 130+ countries
  • Vibrant campus life for students
  • One of the top-ranked universities in the UK
  • Exceptional academic and support facilities for students

10. University of Warwick

This university is renowned for providing strong academic challenges to students. It was first founded in 1965 and is famous for its supportive academic environment. Researchers often prefer this university for its best research facilities. 

The research arena of the university is pretty big, and it has produced the largest number of academic professionals and Nobel laureates in the world. If you want to secure your future in political science subjects, this university is the best choice for you. 

Best Courses: 

MBA, Politics and International Studies BA, WMG 


It offers several options to students based on their budgets and preferences. You can also choose from halls and flats with shared or en-suite bathrooms. 

Advantages of Studying Here:

  • Prestigious academic reputation
  • The diverse range of degrees
  • Extensive opportunities for professional life
  • Strong industry connections


In a nutshell, these are the top universities in the UK where you can get admission to secure a bright academic future. Make sure that you have completed your research when you make the decision to pursue your admission to a new academic institute. It shall decide the direction of your academic and professional career. 

New students often need time to adjust to the academic landscape of a new institute. You can get any sort of assistance from Affordable Dissertation UK whenever you need it. 


Why is the UK best for studying?

UK universities are acknowledged around the globe for the best academic help provided to students. These academic institutes have better career prospects and offer a multicultural setting that fosters rich academic experiences. Students can also use high-quality research facilities to engage in new areas of research and development.

What is the top 1 university in the UK?

Per the list based on QS rankings 2024, the University of Cambridge is the best among all top-rated universities in the UK. The other universities in the list are also reliable for getting quality academic help online. You can choose the university that is best suited to your needs per your personal preferences. 

Which UK university is best for international students?

You can choose any among the list of top universities in the UK provided in this article. These all offer the best academic facilities to both domestic and international students in the world. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are particularly good for students who want their academic careers to shine. 

How many UK universities are at the top?

There are many UK universities for international students that provide quality education to the students, but the top 10 best institutes are mentioned in this article. 

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