Tips to Go Viral on SoundCloud

For musicians, becoming well-known on well-known sites such as SoundCloud is a frequent goal because of the potential influence on their careers. 

To quickly go viral on SoundCloud, you need to get good at getting fans and having a strong online presence on a lot of different social media sites.

Many new artists find that SoundCloud is a great place to start because it lets them share their music and get more attention and social credibility. 

The music business is very competitive, but this helps singers get into it.

Every year, a lot of musicians try their hand at being viral on SoundCloud, but very few actually succeed. 

Today, we’ll provide practical tips that may make any musician a SoundCloud superstar and turn any song into a viral hit.

7 Tips to Go Viral on SoundCloud

It’s critical to understand that SoundCloud is a fiercely competitive platform for artists. Enhancing your musical abilities is crucial if you want to stand out and get viral success on the site.

These tips will help you create a better SoundCloud profile, make your music sound better overall, and learn how to become well-known within the SoundCloud community

Following this plan and putting in regular effort is necessary for success on this platform. Regularly putting in the necessary work is essential to leaving your mark and being well-known on SoundCloud.

1. Establish Your SoundCloud Presence 

Creating an eye-catching profile that sticks out on SoundCloud is crucial to drawing in the kind of users you want to see. Ensure every element, from your account name to track descriptions and logo, is clean and impactful.

For those new to SoundCloud, here are some tips for creating a polished and professional-looking page:

  • Select a Username and URL That’s Memorable 

Capture attention with a clear and concise username that people can remember even at a glance. Once you’ve chosen a memorable SoundCloud username, create a custom URL for your account.

  • Upload a Distinctive Avatar 

Crafting a unique SoundCloud persona involves uploading an original avatar so that listeners can easily connect your face with the creator behind the music. An original profile photo goes a long way in helping establish your identity.

  • Choose an Appropriate Header 

Similar to a Facebook cover photo, the header or banner at the top of your SoundCloud page should reflect your identity. Create a banner featuring your SoundCloud username and captivating imagery that aligns with your musical style.

2. Create Exceptional Music 

To produce exceptional music on SoundCloud, staying abreast of the platform’s current trends is crucial. Keeping an eye on emerging genres and popular musical styles allows you to tailor your tracks for a wider audience.

3. Utilize Effective Tags 

Enhance the visibility of your music on SoundCloud by incorporating relevant tags when submitting your tracks. Think of these tags as descriptive keywords that characterize your music, aiding users in discovering your songs. The more popular tags you incorporate, the greater the likelihood of attracting new listeners.

4. Show Appreciation to Your Fans 

Acknowledging and rewarding your devoted fan base is a powerful strategy to motivate existing followers and attract new ones. Take the time to recognize those who have been engaged with your music, leaving comments or expressing appreciation.

5. Harness the Power of SoundCloud Pro

To propel your journey to SoundCloud stardom, it’s crucial to leverage every available promotional and strategic tool. Many experts recommend upgrading to SoundCloud Pro to unlock premium capabilities and advance your goals.

6. Collaborate with Esteemed Musicians 

A highly effective method for expanding your musical influence is collaborating with renowned musicians. This collaboration opens doors to a wider audience, especially when partnering with artists in the same genre. It enables you to connect with listeners who may not have been familiar with your work previously.

7. Actively Promote Your Music 

Utilize the vast reach of social media to actively promote your music. By distributing your music on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can reach a wider audience and increase your profile.


By diligently taking the essential measures to amass a substantial following on SoundCloud, you pave the way for success in the music industry and increase the likelihood of going viral. Your active presence and engagement on the platform hold significant weight.

Consistently invest effort, and observe how rapidly you can cultivate a sizable following in a relatively short span. With these concise guidelines, you can confidently anticipate gaining prominence and recognition on SoundCloud.

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