The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Leather Wallets: Choosing the Perfect Style

Wallets are a functional, everyday essential for all of us. They’re a timeless accessory and a good quality one can last for years, with age only improving the look and feel of the leather. Not all wallets are created equal however, and not every style can meet our needs in the same way. For a style that’s practical – yet classic and sophisticated- it’s hard to beat trifold wallets for men.

What are trifold wallets?

A trifold wallet has a triangular shape, usually with two folds along its length to create a wallet divided into three sections. Trifold wallets for men are compact, and designed to remain slim and elegant while carrying all the essentials: driving license, cards, cash, coins and treasured photos. A well-designed trifold wallet will carry a significant amount without taking up much pocket space.

Benefits of trifold wallets

Trifold wallets for men have a number of advantages over other styles, including:

  • Keeping your valuables safe. That trifold design makes it difficult for anything to fall out accidentally, while the card-holding compartments keep your cards secure.
  • Classic masculine style. This type of wallet has a really classic look, meaning that it doesn’t fall out of fashion easily. It’s stylish and looks good in formal situations as well as casual ones. The slim nature of the design also means that you won’t be weighed down and these slender wallets won’t create ugly bulk when stored in trouser pockets.
  • Keeping you organised. The various sections of a trifold wallet mean that cash, cards, and other items all have their own spot. This type of wallet is easier to keep free of clutter as you can see at a glance what’s there, and access it easily when you need it.
  • Storage. Unlike other types of wallet, trifold wallets for men have sections designed specifically for different types of item. Cards are often stored in a clever tiered fashion, meaning that they don’t make the wallet too wide or thick.

How do I choose the perfect trifold wallet?

When choosing your wallet, as it’s an item that you will carry with you for potentially years to come, you will want to make sure it meets your needs in terms of quality, design, and functionality. Here’s some things you might like to consider:

  • Material and design. You’ll be looking at your wallet every day, so it makes sense to choose a style that appeals to you! Dark colours are practical. Leather is usually the most durable material, and an additional benefit of a good quality leather wallet is that its appearance can even improve over time as the leather gets softer and worn, so while it comes with an additional cost it could be worth the initial investment.
  • Lifestyle. Some men always like (or need) to carry cash, while others rarely do. Worth considering is the wallet’s capacity for holding notes and coins if that’s important to your lifestyle: some wallets have a section for notes in the back so they don’t have to be folded and can be taken out easily. Many people also carry several cards, so card storage is also a feature to consider.
  • Clear window. A photo of a loved one in a wallet is a feature loved by many. Anecdotally, a lost wallet is also more likely to be returned or handed in if it contains a photo of a baby or a young child. If this is a feature you personally appreciate, a wallet with a clear window is just the thing. It’s also handy for holding work ID cards and your driving license so they can be shown without removing them.

Keeping your wallet in good condition

Trifold wallets for men from David Hampton aren’t much maintenance, but as with all things, if you take care of them you will see the benefit. This is particularly true if you have a higher-end item. Regularly cleaning out the wallet to get rid of old loyalty cards or expired or unnecessary bits and pieces will avoid stretching the leather and cut down on wear. Looking after the leather with a clean cloth or even a little olive oil will keep it supple and prevent it from cracking, meaning it will look smarter for longer.

It should be clear from this article that there’s a few things worth considering when you are looking for your new wallet. It’s worth investing a little time and doing some research when you’re planning on buying such a core accessory. Durability, style, and practicality sum up the purpose of a great trifold wallet: they look good; last a long time; and meet your everyday needs.

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