The Ultimate Guide to Finding Babysitting Jobs Online

With schools closed and families on edge, babysitting is one of the most sought-after jobs. Parents are looking for sitters who are trustworthy and dependable.

Care encourages parents to create a detailed job description and run background checks on caregivers. The website also helps connect families with local sitters through a messaging system.

Use Your Network

If you have friends with kids, ask them to promote your babysitting services to their families. They can also post about you in their Facebook groups and online forums or share your flyer at their workplaces, churches and child-related community events.

Make a list of your rates, services and qualifications on paper so that you can hand it to sitters who apply to interview you. It’s a good idea to keep this list on hand, even if you use online job apps that allow you to communicate with families and receive job requests.

Many parents are turned off by sitters who need references, so consider asking people who know you well to provide them. When contacting authorities, ask them if they would be willing to take on more work and if they think you’re trustworthy.

Babysitting jobs online is a big industry, so several apps and websites are dedicated to connecting babysitters with parents in their area. 

Create a Babysitting List

If you are looking for a full-time job in the childcare industry, it is important to list your babysitting experience on your resume. Babysitting is a very valuable experience and can help you demonstrate a wide range of skills that may be relevant to any position. It is also a great way to gain work experience and prove you are ready for more responsibility.

If the parents have a specific request, including this on the checklist is important. For example, if you are babysitting a younger child, note that the toddler prefers to sleep with a special stuffed animal or needs to be kept away from china plates as they are a choking hazard. Also, note the names and ages of all children and any food allergies or dislikes.

You should also include any additional tasks or duties the parent wants you to perform, such as cleaning, preparing meals, cooking or taking the kids on outings. You should also include the name, phone number and location of any emergency contacts that live close by (a neighbor or a nearby relative) in case of an unexpected event such as a power outage or sudden rainstorm.

Once you have completed this form, it is a good idea to review it with the parents before you leave so that they are confident that you understand all of the information on the sheet. You can then hang the checklist up in a handy spot on the refrigerator or keep it in your babysitting binder.

Get Your Parents to Help

It can be hard to find a babysitter, especially in the beginning. You might have to beg your friends for their names and numbers, or you could take your search public and post in places like fitness centers, grocery stores, and local mom groups.

You might be surprised to learn that several babysitting apps are also designed to help connect parents with babysitters. These apps typically allow you to create a profile and include your background check information so parents can easily view whether you are safe to hire. Some apps are free, while others have monthly subscriptions and extra features that may increase your visibility.

Be sure to update your profile and make it look professional. Remember that parents will check it and look for evidence of your skills. You should also have a copy of your resume or CV handy and copies of any certifications you might have.

If you have reached the interview stage, be prepared for questions about your experience and ability to handle emergencies like fires and injuries. The best thing you can do is be honest and give examples of your past babysitting expertise and any other relevant experiences you might have had with children.

Make a Vision Board

There’s a lot of money to be made from babysitting. If you can make it a full-time job, that’s awesome, but even if you want to do it for extra cash, that’s okay, too. The tips and tricks in this guide will help you get started.

It’s not just for high school and college students either; older adults and stay-at-home parents are also looking for babysitting jobs to help them make ends meet. With some hard work and strategic marketing, you can quickly get your name out there and find a good-paying job.

Once you’ve found a few families to babysit for, ask if they would be willing to pass your info on to other families. Also, ask if they would mind shooting a text or posting on social media about how great of a sitter you are.

Another way to reach out is by contacting community groups that you or your family are a part of, for example, soccer teams, book clubs and PTAs, and ask if they have any families who may be interested in hiring you. Lastly, consider making cheap business cards with your contact info to hand out to families when you’re talking to them. This will give them an instant connection with you and show that you are a professional.

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