The Hidden Benefits of Memorizing Phone Numbers

Writing assignments often are met with groans when they are assigned in school. But it’s a vital skill that helps us communicate with each other and navigate our lives. If you’re concerned that your phone might get lost or stolen, it’s worth memorizing some essential numbers. 

They’re Convenient

Whether it’s your spouse or children, your emergency contacts, or the company that can help you in a pinch, you need to know their home phone numbers. This will allow you to call them even when the mobile networks are down in the event of a natural disaster.

Aside from the fact that they’re useful, many people feel that phone number recall is a good exercise for their brains. It can help improve their short-term memory functions, which can sometimes fail them when asked to recall something at a moment’s notice. It’s also convenient to have these numbers on hand when you’re traveling. Just as you might jot down your hotel address and directions in a notebook, you can do the same with phone numbers. 

They’re Practical

You’re on the way to a big meeting when your phone slips into the dirty laundry basket, or you fall asleep on a plane ride and wake up with a dead battery. In any of these cases, it’s important to recall at least your emergency contacts’ numbers so that you can quickly borrow or find another phone to call for help.

Many people use a technique known as phonetic number memorization to turn sequences of digits into catchy phrases they can easily recall. Whether it’s “7714-3370” or “cooked our mom eggs,” these catchy phone number hacks allow you to visualize the information that needs to be remembered to remember it better.

This method also works well when learning a new language or the periodic table, and it can be beneficial for children and adults who struggle with writing. 

They’re Easy to Remember

Whether it’s your boss’s number, spouse’s, or emergency contact, it’s important to have their phone numbers memorized to reach them immediately. However, it can be difficult to remember long strings of digits.

One technique that can help is mnemonic cues, which are memory aids that associate words or phrases with numbers. For example, 0961 might be remembered as “9” + “60” = “61.” Alternatively, you can break down the number into groups of digits that are easier to recall. This technique is known as “chunking,” and it’s the same strategy that helps many people remember their phone numbers. Another way to memorize a series of digits is to record yourself speaking them and then play the recording back at normal speed. It takes a little practice, but this method is effective. It also helps to have someone else say the numbers, which can reduce the amount of cognitive load on your brain.

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