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The Benefits of Choosing TileBar’s Vanity Collections for Your Bathroom Design

Choosing the right vanity is so important when it’s about remodeling or designing a new bathroom. Right vanity selection really sets the vibe for the whole space. The global bathroom vanities market is highly massive, valued at over $40 billion in 2018 alone. That means there are a ton of options out there to sift through.

The global bathroom vanities market is vast, valued at over $40 billion in 2018 alone. As seen in the chart below, it has experienced steady growth in recent years:

In the presence of many options available, it is quite a challenging task to choose the right vanity.Their vanity collections really stand out in terms of quality, innovation, and customer service. Let me break down what makes TileBar such a strong contender in the world of bathroom vanities.

Why TileBar Vanities Are the Cream of the Crop

TileBar’s market presence shows their vanities have something special to offer. With so many companies competing in a $40+ billion industry, TileBar has carved out a niche with their unique selections.

The key advantage TileBar has over other brands is their commitment to premium materials – think real wood, natural stone, glass, and metal from responsible suppliers. Each material is carefully chosen for its durability, look, and eco-friendly sourcing.

Beyond top-notch components, TileBar vanities have stunning modern designs that reimagine contemporary luxury. Their skilled internal designers employ their many years of expertise to create designs, finishes, and details that perfectly blend form and function. TileBar has alternatives that will make your bathroom stand out, regardless of whether your taste is conventional, transitional, or ultra-modern.

TileBar offers an extensive range of standard and custom bathroom vanity sizes to beautifully fit and organize any space. The variety of bathroom vanity sizes allows you to find your perfect fit.

Score Exclusive Discounts on TileBar Vanities

While the market statistics paint a compelling picture, TileBar’s primary goal is to add value for their clients. As part of a short Summer Sale, they are currently giving an exclusive 20% off all vanity purchases. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a high-end vanity without breaking the bank.

Additionally, TileBar offers bundles, free shipping, and price matching for year-round savings. The group is willing to discuss pricing with contractors or for significant orders. They obviously care about providing clients with the finest offer.

Try Before You Buy with Free Samples

While purchasing a vanity it is about more than just cost – you want to be able to envision how it will look and feel in your home. That’s why one of TileBar’s coolest services is offering up to 5 free vanity samples with free shipping.

The samples ship out within 5 business days and include all the different finishes like wood stains, paint colors, and metal patinas. Being able to see and touch the real deal allows you to make the most confident design choices. TileBar’s sampling program gives you that hands-on showroom experience without leaving home.

Experience the Magic of Their Showroom

While samples offer a taste of TileBar’s products, nothing compares to actually seeing their entire selection. Customers are welcome to visit their New Jersey showroom, which is open on Saturdays, to get a firsthand look at TileBar. The need to see before you purchase is being satiated by TileBar as the demand for bathroom vanities is anticipated to increase gradually in the Asia Pacific area and beyond. They clearly want to please customers around the world, as evidenced by their magnificent showroom.

Cutting-Edge Digital Tools for Easy Designing

Even with a traditional showroom option, TileBar embraces innovation. They offer a suite of digital tools taking bathroom design into the future:

  • Tilefinder – Helps you select products tailored to your personal style
  • 360° Visualizer – Fully interactive 360° room sets featuring popular tiles
  • View In My Room – Visualize tiles in your actual space using augmented reality

These immersive, interactive tools make shopping with TileBar refreshing and hassle-free.

TileBar Cares About Sustainable Growth

On top of beautiful products, TileBar cares about driving sustainable growth through initiatives like TileBar Cares. With programs supporting reforestation, education, housing restoration and more, they add meaning to great design.

Eco-conscious practices are integrated across TileBar’s business. Their wood comes from FSC certified forests, stones are all-natural, and metals use recycled content. Packaging is minimal and recyclable. Showrooms and warehouses operate on 100% renewable energy.

TileBar has also donated over $500,000 in products to Habitat for Humanity. As a B Corp, they use business for social good.

Customer Experience 

Beyond top-notch products, TileBar prioritizes delivering a phenomenal customer experience. Their team offers personalized guidance at every step – from design advice to installation support. With hassle-free returns and their price match guarantee, TileBar ensures you shop with confidence. Considering big purchases like a vanity often inspire nerves, TileBar’s stellar customer service grant’s peace of mind. You can trust their team has the expertise to turn your bathroom goals into a satisfying reality.

Answers to Common Queries

How does TileBar ensure top quality vanities?

TileBar is uncompromising when it comes to vanity quality. Each material is rigorously tested during production and inspected before shipment to meet TileBar’s premium standards. Their solid wood vanities are made from the finest sustainable oak, maple, and walnut. The natural stone surfaces are sourced from ethical quarries across the world for unparalleled durability and aesthetics. TileBar vanities also undergo real-life performance testing in their showroom displays. And as a guarantee of their quality craftsmanship, TileBar provides a 1-year limited warranty on all vanity purchases.

Can you customize TileBar vanities?

Yes! They offer several customization options like size, finish, countertop material, and more. Their team works one-on-one with you to bring your vision to life.

How do TileBar vanities compare to competitors?

With unique contemporary designs and premium materials, TileBar vanities are a cut above standard big box options in terms of aesthetics, durability and quality. Their collections really stand out.

The Final Takeaway

When shopping for a new bathroom vanity, TileBar is an industry leader for good reason. Perks like discounts, an amazing showroom, digital tools, and custom options make designing with TileBar a delightful experience. If your goal is to make a spectacular statement with your bathroom design, browse TileBar’s vanity collections today. The possibilities are endless!

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