Tattoo Therapy by Valeriia Puhach and Alena Zozulenko: Empowering Women After Mastectomy

In the world of tattoo artistry, two remarkable women are embarking on a transformative journey with a mission to empower and heal. Valeriia Puhach and Alena Zozulenko, founders of the “Tattoo Therapy” project, are breaking new ground by offering free scar cover-up designs for women who have undergone mastectomy. This initiative goes beyond art; it’s a profound healing process, embracing the strength and beauty that lies within each individual.

Restoring Self-Confidence through “Tattoo Therapy”:

The “Tattoo Therapy” project is a testament to the belief that art has the power to heal. Valeriia and Alena, both accomplished tattoo artists with unique styles, have dedicated themselves to assisting women who have experienced mastectomy. Their goal is to restore self-esteem, rebuild confidence, and redefine beauty standards through carefully crafted tattoo designs.

Free Scar Cover-Up Designs:

One of the key pillars of “Tattoo Therapy” is providing free tattoo designs specifically tailored to cover scars after mastectomy. Valeriia and Alena work closely with each woman, considering her unique needs and preferences, to create designs that not only conceal but also celebrate the strength and resilience within.

Supporting Emotional Recovery:

Understanding the emotional challenges that accompany the physical recovery process after mastectomy, the project offers unwavering support. “Tattoo Therapy” creates a safe and compassionate space where women can express their feelings, find solace in a community of like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey of emotional healing.

Educating and Enlightening:

Valeriia and Alena recognize the importance of education in fostering understanding and acceptance. The project conducts informational events to enlighten the public about tattoo-based recovery options after mastectomy. By sharing resources and experiences, they aim to emphasize the role of psychological support and art in the healing process.

Transformative Artistry:

The heart of “Tattoo Therapy” lies in the transformative power of art. Tattoos, as expressions of self, become a medium through which women can redefine their bodies and narratives. Valeriia’s passion for colors and Alena’s expertise in fine lines and dotwork converge to create unique and individualized designs that emphasize the beauty of each woman.

About Valeriia Puhach and Alena Zozu:

Valeriia Puhach, hailing from Ukraine, infuses her work with a vibrant passion for colors. Her journey through the tattoo industry has been marked by dedication and the pursuit of artistic excellence. Relocating to Los Angeles has further fueled her creativity.

Alena Zozulenko, an architect turned skilled tattoo artist, brings over 8 years of experience to the project. Based in New York, her distinctive style features fine lines and dotwork. Her aim is to provide an alternative perspective for women, helping them view their bodies through the lens of artistic imagination.


“Tattoo Therapy” is more than a project; it’s a movement that celebrates the strength, resilience, and beauty of women who have undergone mastectomy. Valeriia Puhach and Alena Zozu, through their artistic expertise, are not just creating tattoos; they are crafting stories of empowerment and self-love, proving that beauty can emerge from the scars of the past. In every stroke of ink, they are redefining what it means to heal through art.

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