Silk and Sandalwood: Shopping Extravaganza in Mysore’s Markets

Shopping always tops the to-do list of travellers irrespective of wherever they travel around the year. However, when it comes to India, there is something every place has to offer to all these shopaholics. Today, we will talk about one such place in South India that is known for its silk sarees, mouth watering sweets, and sandalwood oil. Yes, we are talking about the royal city of Mysore.

Shopping in Mysore

Mysore is renowned for many more things, like the Mysore Palace, the Chamundi temple, and RK Narayan’s home. However, travelling to this city will be incomplete if you do not do some shopping here. You can always take a car on rent in Mysore for your shopping needs. 

  • Devaraja Market

It is one of the busiest markets in Mysore, with some of the cheapest shopping places. This market is famous for selling coloured powders and fragrant flowers. It also has a large section dedicated to selling perfumes. 

There are many old family-owned shops renowned for selling the best silk sarees in town. The market is also known for selling fresh fruits, sweets, and vegetables. You can purchase Channapatna dolls from this market that can be used as souvenirs.

  • Sandalwood Oil Factory

There is a section outside this old oil factory which is used for retail. Its popularity has never gone down ever since it was established in 1916. This is the place to be for those who love pure and fresh sandalwood products. You can book a taxi in Mysore to visit this factory that specialises in all kinds of sandalwood items. You can also take a tour of the place to see how sandalwood products are manufactured from start to finish.

  • Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium

This is yet another cheap shopping place in Mysore where you can also pick up handmade goods. The best part is that you can also find some traditional craft items of Kerala under the same roof, and it is a celebration. 

You will find various items of home décor and gift items that are a treat for sore eyes. The rosewood and sandalwood inlay, stone carvings, Mysore paintings and traditional Keralite jewellery are a must-buy here. 

  • Government Silk Factory

Your shopping list would not be complete without a visit to the Government Silk Factory. You can take a car on rent in Mysore to visit this amazing place known for its sarees and silk items fresh off the loom. The best part is that you can watch the weavers at work to know the efforts they put into creating a beautiful work of art. Sometimes, real gold is also used for the gold embroidery work for a few items here. 

Savaari to Mysore

Are you in for some new shopping extravaganza? Then it’s time you visit Savaari and book a taxi in Mysore. Go around all the beautiful places of this royal city in Karnataka that is synonymous with attending a fair of silk and sandalwood under a single roof. You will love visiting the age-old shops here that speak of the rich history of the Kannadigas as a whole. 

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