Serbia: Easy Business Setup and Exciting Place to Live

Are you considering a European residence permit or passport that blends business advantages with personal enjoyment? Consider Serbia! It’s an ideal hub for online traders, consultants, digital nomads, and global entrepreneurs. Here, you can affordably keep a second home, run a local company or branch for your financial dealings, and hold a multi-currency bank account. Serbia respects your privacy but also boasts a lively social scene. The nightlife here is as good as the famous party place, Ibiza, and the people are friendly.

Why Serbia is your ideal hub for international business expansion

Serbia is an attractive hub for international businesses, thanks to its prime location bridging Eastern and Western Europe. This allows for seamless market access and turns Serbia into a perfect launchpad for companies that aim to broaden their reach across the continent. The nation’s stable and growing economy is a magnet for global investors.

The Serbian business environment is welcoming, underscored by its low corporate tax rate of just 15%, one of Europe’s most competitive. The government sweetens the deal with subsidies and tax breaks, especially targeting tech and innovation investments. Serbia’s workforce is not only skilled and educated but also multilingual and adept with technology, which is great if you keep the needs of contemporary commerce in mind. Labor costs in Serbia remain low when compared to other European nations. It’s an economical option for businesses with high labor demands.

Your offshore company will easily set up a branch in Serbia, taking advantage of comprehensive banking services in various languages at a cost lower than in many European capitals.

Experience the best of Europe: living and doing business in Belgrade

Belgrade, a cosmopolitan city known for its hospitality and excellent cuisine, offers convenient flight connections throughout Europe. It’s perfect for both relaxation and excitement and famous for its never-ending culinary delights.

Just a 15-minute drive from the city center, Belgrade Airport meets you with quick flights to Istanbul via Turkish Airlines. Your gate to the world, the airport makes Belgrade a prime spot for digital nomads and frequent travelers.

Serbia welcomes many nationalities visa-free. It is the only significant European country to offer the above privilege to Chinese citizens.

Easy company setup and hassle-free living for foreigners

Setting up a company in Serbia is a breeze. The country welcomes foreign nationals, and you can get a document proving you pay taxes in Serbia without much trouble.

Serbia has clear rules that make it easy for non-residents to live there both temporarily and permanently.

If you own a business, study, or live in Serbia, you won’t have to keep renewing your visa or getting new temporary residence permits. Under the laws currently in force in Serbia, the process is a no-brainer.

The Serbian passport comes with Serbian citizenship, and offers outstanding visa-free travel opportunities. It ranks 30th globally on, with visa-free entry to 134 countries or territories. The remarkable thing here is that Serbia is among the select nations that don’t need visas to enter the Schengen zone and China.

Typically, a foreign national can obtain Serbian citizenship by naturalization after maintaining permanent residence for three years, which requires at least eight years of living in Serbia. However, if you’re married to a Serbian citizen for three years or more, you’re eligible to apply for citizenship as soon as you receive permanent residence.

Investing in Serbia? Here’s how to secure citizenship legally

It’s important to be cautious of the numerous websites advertising Serbian citizenship by investment. To avoid scams, deal only with well-established companies. We recommend enlisting the services of trustworthy Serbian law firms in Belgrade, like our partner law office.

In exceptional circumstances, investors may be eligible to apply for fast-tracked Serbian citizenship upon their arrival in Serbia.

Unlike its neighbor Montenegro, Serbia doesn’t offer an official CIP. Nevertheless, the Serbian government has a policy of granting citizenship and passports to foreigners who significantly contribute to the country. Applications should be submitted in person to the Serbian authorities, ideally with assistance from a local attorney well-versed in these procedures.

Should you wish to pursue naturalization in Serbia, expert legal guidance is a wise first step. We can connect you with a seasoned lawyer in Belgrade who specializes in immigration and citizenship law. This expert is available for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

The current Serbian government has powers to grant citizenship to those individuals who significantly benefit the nation, whether through economic means or otherwise. This privilege has been extended to some athletes and entertainers, with Ralph Fiennes and Steven Seagal among them.

You may qualify for Serbian citizenship after legally residing in Serbia for a specified period, which varies depending on your residence permit and economic contributions to Serbia. Serbian citizenship is highly valued, particularly as Serbia is expected to join the EU. These prospects come with extensive benefits for travel, business, and investment across Europe and more. 

Serbian work permits

Need a work permit for legal employment in Serbia? Prepare these documents to apply:

  • valid Serbian residence permit
  • Serbian translation of your university diploma or education certificate, notarized
  • incorporation certificate for your Serbian company
  • your CV.

You will have to wait from a few days to several months to obtain the work permit. NB: There’s no need to stay in Serbia while the application is being processed.

Key facts about Serbian passports and dual passport restrictions

Serbian passports, including those for minors, are issued to the nation’s citizens by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade or through Serbian embassies or consulates abroad. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Serbian law prohibits citizens from holding more than one passport simultaneously, and second passports for even regular business travelers aren’t allowed.

However, an exception exists for government officials. They may possess both a Serbian diplomatic or official passport for job-related trips and a regular Serbian passport for personal travel, thus legally holding two Serbian passports at the same time.

Please note that Serbian IDs meet the international standards for biometric passports.

For more information about how you can become a Serbian citizen and comfortably get your passport at the touch of a button, simply contact SerbiaWealth!

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