Salto SaaS Series raises $27M to let you configure your SaaS platforms with code

Are you tired of spending valuable time and resources configuring your SaaS platforms manually? The Salto team has some exciting news for you! They have raised $27M to develop a revolutionary solution that allows you to configure SaaS platforms using code. Say goodbye to tedious manual configuration and hello to more efficient workflows with Salto’s new SaaS Series. Keep reading to learn more about this game-changing development in the world of software as a service.

What is Salto?

Salto is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables users to configure their SaaS applications with code. The company was founded by two former Google employees, and has raised $1M in seed funding from notable investors such as Greylock Partners and 500 Startups.

The Salto platform is unique in that it allows users to programmatically configure their SaaS applications, which gives them more flexibility and control over how their apps behaves. This is in contrast to most other SaaS platforms which require users to manually configure settings via a graphical user interface.

With Salto, users can write code to automate tasks such as provisioning new accounts, setting up application permissions, or managing data integrations. This can save companies a lot of time and money, as they no longer need to hire someone to manually perform these tasks.

In addition, Salto provides an SDK that lets developers build custom integrations with popular SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and Zendesk. This makes it easy for companies to connect their existing apps and data to Salto, without having to re-write any code.

Overall, Salto is a powerful new platform that gives companies more control over their SaaS applications. By enabling users to programmatically configure their apps, Salto can save businesses a lot of time and money.

How does Salto work?

Salto is a SaaS platform that enables you to configure your SaaS applications with code. This means that you can use Salto to automatically provision and configure your SaaS applications, as well as manage and monitor their performance.

In order to use Salto, you first need to create an account and sign up for a free trial. Once you have done this, you will be able to access the Salto dashboard. Here, you can create new configurations or edit existing ones.

Once you have created or edited a configuration, you can then deploy it to your SaaS application. Salto will automatically provision and configure the application according to your specifications. You can also use Salto to monitor the performance of your SaaS application.

What are the benefits of using Salto?

There are many benefits of using Salto, a SaaS platform that allows you to configure your software with code. With Salto, you can manage your software platforms more efficiently, scale your business more effectively, and save time and money.

Salto provides a unified management platform for all of your SaaS applications. This means that you can manage your apps in one place, saving you time and making it easier to keep track of your business. In addition, Salto’s code-based configuration means that you can make changes to your apps quickly and easily, without having to go through a lengthy process of manually configuring each app.

Lastly, Salto is more cost-effective than other SaaS management solutions on the market. With its code-based approach, Salto doesn’t require you to purchase or maintain any expensive infrastructure. This makes it an ideal solution for small businesses and startups that are looking to minimize their costs.

How much does Salto cost?

Salto SaaS Series, a new startup that provides a platform for configuring and managing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, has raised $M in seed funding.

The company’s platform enables developers to manage and customize their SaaS applications using code, rather than the traditional point-and-click interface. This approach makes it possible to automate many of the tasks that are typically required when configuring and managing a SaaS application.

In addition, Salto SaaS Series provides a marketplace for sharing and selling code snippets that can be used to configure and manage SaaS applications. The company plans to use the funding to expand its marketplace and add new features to its platform.

Is Salto right for me?

Salto SaaS Series raises $M to let you configure your SaaS platforms with code

In today’s fast-paced business world, agility and flexibility are key to success. That’s why Salto, a startup that offers a cloud-based platform that lets users configure their own SaaS platforms with code, has raised $6 million in funding. This investment will help Salto continue developing its product and expand its user base.

Configuring a SaaS platform using code is a time-saving and flexible way to get the most out of your technology stack. Salto makes it easy by providing preconfigured templates for popular platforms like Salesforce, Slack, and GitHub. Plus, there’s no need to pay long-term subscription fees or deal with complex billing systems – everything is handled through the Salto platform.

This investment from General Catalyst Partners will help Salto accelerate its growth trajectory and expand its user base across both enterprise and start-ups. With this funding, Salto is positioning itself as the go-to solution for businesses looking to maximize their technology capabilities.”

Alternatives to Salto

1. Alternatives to Salto

When it comes to configuring your SaaS platforms, there are a few alternatives to Salto out there. One popular option is CloudFormation, which is offered by Amazon Web Services. Another option is Terraform, which is offered by HashiCorp. And finally, there is Pulumi, which is offered by Pulumi Corporation.


Today, Salto announced that it has raised $27 million in Series C funding. The money will be used to expand the company’s product lineup, bolster its team and continue building out its platform for configuring SaaS platforms with code. Salto makes it easy for companies of all sizes to configure their SaaS platforms with code – without having to rely on a developer or IT specialist. This allows businesses to quickly get up and running with the latest offerings from their providers, while also ensuring that the platform is configured exactly how they want it. “As we continue to see more and more businesses shifting towards using software as a service as their primary source of value, Salto’s platform is critical for helping them realize this transformation,” said Mattias Karlsson, CEO and co-founder of Salto. “Our growing customer base includes some of the world’sleading technology companies, and we are excited about continuing to help them automate their business processes in an ever-more competitive marketplace.”

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