Protecting User Privacy- Incogni vs. DeleteMe

Data brokers are a consistent problem on the internet. They can be an individual or an organization that sources data for selling to another party. The data people leave on websites are collected by data brokers and sold to other parties for various uses. That includes:

  • Financial Schemes
  • Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Scams
  • Loans and insurance

Applications like Incogni and DeleteMe act as data broker removal tools. They help remove people’s data from data brokers and ensure that our data is not sold to a third party without our knowledge.


As with any other application, Incognito and DeleteMe have pros and cons. A comparison can be  set in the form of Incogni vs. DeleteMe, with their advantages and disadvantages discussed.


Incogni is a data broker removal tool developed by Surfshark. It ensures that users’ data is not sold to others. Incogni is relatively easy to set up and more capable than most other data broker removal tools. It maintains an overview of the data brokers it has contacted and shows the request status for the user.

Pros of Incogni

  • Cheaper—Incogni is comparatively more affordable than DeleteMe. Even though it costs less, experts view it as worth the money spent. 
  • Ease of use- Incogni is incredibly easy to use. It is very much user-friendly.
  • Handling data brokers—A significant highlight of Incogni is its handling of data brokers. Incogni handles all communications with different data brokers. The user only has to file information with Incogni. 

Cons of Incogni

  • Recheck—Incogni efficiently files requests with data brokers, but there is no provision to recheck whether the information has been deleted. 


DeleteMe serves the same purpose as Incogni. The major difference that sets DeleteMe apart is the coverage that it offers for its users. DeleteMe has more coverage over data brokers than Incogni. It also provides detailed reports on the user’s requests.

Pros of DeleteMe

  • Coverage—DeleteMe’s major highlight is the coverage it offers its users. Its database covers more than 750 data brokers, significantly higher than any other data broker removal tool available in the market today. 
  • Features—DeleteMe allows you to remove information from public records and search engines. It provides detailed reports on data removal and follows up on requests.
  • Support- They offer an immense amount of customer support. They can be contacted though email, chat and phone.

Cons of DeleteMe

  • Policy- There are concerns within the industry regarding the privacy policy of DeleteMe. Some experts have noticed that DeleteMe could be potentially selling information to third parties. 
  • Anonymity- There are concerns that user data is sold by DeleteMe in an anonymized form. 
  • Expensive- DeleteMe is one of the most costly data broker removal tools. Their pricing and policies do not go hand in hand. 
  • Coverage- Considered as one of the major aspects, there are questions around coverage as well. DeleteMe does not communicate with a majority of the data brokers listed out as part of their coverage. In most cases, users themselves has to file requests directly.

Better Choice- Incogni or DeleteMe

Based on the comparison done so far, Incogni has a relatively more significant edge than DeleteMe. 

  • In terms of data security and privacy, 
  • Incogni is far more helpful than DeleteMe. 
  • It is cheaper as well. 
  • Incogni provides value for money.

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