Must-Try Activities In An Island Getaway

For many couples, island getaways are the ultimate romantic retreat. Glittering beaches on a backdrop of staggering cliffs, mouth-watering seafood, and endless things to do in Grand Cayman entice lovebirds to escape from the everyday.

Afterward, sip wines unlike elsewhere and sample a traditional plant-based drink called kava.

Enjoy the Views

Enjoying the view is a great way to relax and recharge. However, it’s important to remember that human-generated noises (such as traffic or crowds) can distract from the natural beauty of the scenery. Find a solitary spot where you can be free from these distractions. This will help you enjoy the view more deeply and reduce stress levels.

Plenty of other lesser-known islands offer everything from tropical luxury to frosty serenity. So whether you want to relax on white beaches or face your fears as you tackle rugged mountain trails, there’s an island out there for you. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen!


Snorkeling is the quietest way to see marine life up close. Plus, the acoustic isolation of snorkel gear means that animals are less likely to be spooked by bubbles and sounds like those caused by scuba divers.

Snorkeling is a magical experience. Watching a turtle slowly hopping on some coral or sea grass or a school of fish move as a unified group is like being invited into an entirely new world. The underwater landscape is truly mesmerizing, and it’s all within reach on a guided tour.


Kayaking is a great way to see an island’s natural beauty from the water. You can paddle in a quiet cove to explore mangrove forests or venture into saltwater estuaries. Kayaking can also be a good workout for your body. It improves cardiovascular health and strengthens your arms, back, and shoulders. It’s also low impact, so you’ll have less wear and tear on your joints.

Scuba Diving

When you think of island getaways, certain heavy hitters like Bali, Hawaii, and Santorini come to mind. But there are also lesser-known islands that offer a different kind of serenity.

Scuba diving is a water sport where you use equipment, including an oxygen tank, to explore underwater marine life. You can do this in oceans, seas, lakes, and even pools or fish tanks at aquariums.

There are many kinds of scuba diving, including wreck diving, where you explore a shipwreck under the sea, and cave diving, where you dive into small passageways underwater. Then there’s technical diving, where you can dive up to 130ft, which is only for professionals.


While heavy hitters are always top contenders on dream travel lists, many hidden gems exist worldwide. For example, on the remote island, the pristine sandy beaches and tranquil lakes are interspersed with traditional villages where modern life has yet to intrude. 


Shopping is one of the best activities during an island getaway. It allows you to purchase various items not available in your home country, including food, souvenirs, and other items related to the culture of the place you’re visiting.

While the big-shot islands of the world get most of the attention, some lesser-known isles are slowly becoming must-visit destinations. From tropical luxury to frosty serenity, there are island vacations for everyone. Just make sure to do your research before planning the perfect trip. 

Go to a Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

Some heavy hitters immediately come to mind when it comes to island getaways. But the world is filled with countless islands with something unique for every type of traveler. Enjoy the stunning views and sample local cuisine, including lobster pot pie. 

Take a Massage

While exploring and experiencing everything on your island getaway is great, sometimes you need to relax. Lounge on the beach, swim leisurely, have a relaxing mani/pedi, or book a massage. Island getaways were made for soothing indulgences!

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

When people think of island getaways, certain heavy hitters include Bali, Fiji, and Santorini. But countless island escapes worldwide are perfect for relaxing with a loved one and getting away from it all.

Whether you want to eat, hike, or dive, there’s always something new to experience during an island vacation. Plus, you’ll find that many of these activities are a great way to bond with your friends and family.

You can paddle board and snorkel amongst the world’s longest coral reefs. And if you’re visiting a historic barrier island, you can explore its trails or bike along its secluded beaches. The key is choosing an island right for you and your loved ones!

Attend a Festival or Event

When you think of island getaways, tropical locales come to mind. But plenty of islands in the United States offer toes-in-the-sand bliss without requiring you to get on a plane or learn another language.

Hike to a waterfall or take in the view from a rope swing, pick your fruit at local farms, and savor island seafood. Plan your trip for a more cultural experience to coincide with the island’s many festivals, celebrating jazz, sailing, horse racing, and more.

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