Math Tuition Has Become a Necessity in Singapore

The reason why a student should engage home math tuition in Singapore will differ for each individual. It should be noted that in Singapore, almost the majority of students receive some form of additional math enrichment or math tuition outside of school. Parents also understand that math tuition is an important part of their children’s academics that will allow them to keep pace with their school lessons.

Tuition in Singapore is undeniably big business

There is no denying that tuition in Singapore is almost a billion-dollar industry. This is based on the Singapore Department of Statistics 2019 Household Expenditure Survey, though the number may have adjusted since 2020 due to the pandemic years. In 2018 alone, Singaporean households spent a total of around SGD$ 1.4 billion on tuition for various subjects. This is a steady increase from SGD$ 650 million a decade ago.

Parents realise it’s a necessity to spend on tuition

Based on the same survey, the average Singaporean household spends around SGD$88.40 monthly on tuition and other enrichment classes. This is an increase from the monthly SGD$79.90 a decade ago. Although inflation plays a part in the increased spending, known social factors today play a more prominent driving force. For one, parents understand that Singapore society places a large emphasis on good grades especially when determining the student’s future career. Parents are also becoming increasingly conscious of how they can maximise the odds of their child’s future success. Thus, if the child’s problem is math, they engage home math tuition as a form of insurance for their children’s journey with education. The math tuition at least ensures that children can keep up with their school’s lessons.

More and more parents in Singapore trust math tuition to help their child

Math tuition undeniably levels the playing field of learning for any child having difficulties understanding the hard concepts of mathematics. There are also other strong benefits that math tuition offers, including:

  • The ability to choose the right tutor

Gone are the days when a random tutor is chosen for a child and parents cross their fingers that the tutor can understand their child’s needs. Today, reliable Singapore tuition agencies (such as FamilyTutor) can select from hundreds of tutors registered with them and choose a suitable match based on qualifications and experience. If parents complain that the tutor selected is not a suitable match for the child, another tutor can be selected and matched.

  • Dedicated attention to a student’s learning needs

Each child has a unique learning pace. While others can keep pace with classroom learning, others need more time to analyse and understand complex math concepts. Experienced math tutors can focus all their attention on the student’s learning needs due to the one-to-one sessions.

  • Time to focus on the student’s weaknesses

Just as the tutor gives focused attention to the child’s learning pace, the tutor can also identify the child’s learning weaknesses and turn them into learning strengths.

  • Giving the student more confidence

As the student’s learning and understanding of maths improves, this will boost the student’s confidence. This confidence boost is important when the student eventually faces problem-solving in tests and exams.

A maths tutor can also focus on weaker topics

Since the child and tutor have one-to-one tutoring sessions, both will have the opportunity to work harder on the child’s weaker topics. Understandably, teachers have to cater to the majority of the class when it comes to weaker or tougher topics. If the child’s uncertainty is caused by a topic that is tough to analyse and understand and the teacher is unable to address an individual student’s problem, the tutor addresses this problem by focusing on this weak or tough topic until the student gets it.

This aspect of any child’s competency in weaker topics is important. During tests or exams, students often get confused about weaker topics, thus incurring stress. This stress then carries into their stronger topics and will affect their overall performance. The worst scenario is that the child may suffer a mind block because of stress or anxiety.  

FamilyTutor: Meeting the demand to engage home math tuition

As parents, if you are looking to engage home math tuition for your children, you can turn to the most dependable home tutor in Singapore, FamilyTutor. We can match a suitable math tutor to a student based on experience and needs. You are assured that despite our affordable rates our private math tutors will never compromise quality and your children’s learning and future. Get in touch with FamilyTutor today.

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